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CSC Slideshow, 07-08 April 27, 2008

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So there I am, sitting in one of the leather chairs of the CSC, working on the end-of-year slideshow for Saturday’s graduation banquet. It had been nearly a month of work, but was worth it. This year’s show was going to leave last year’s show in the dust. The occasional sound of a mouse click periodically punctuated the silence of the room. But there was another noise. High-pitched, very faint. Coming from somewhere near the table? No? Where is it… Odd, it’s the computer. Volume’s down, almost sounds like it’s coming from the power cord. I unplugged the cord and reconnected it. The noise stopped. Strange, and a little disquieting. I return to my work, and– What happened? The screen’s blank. Maybe I was out of battery, and unplugging the computer shut it down. I’ll just hit the power button and… I’ll just hit the power button… and… Come on, come on… Uh oh.

At Best Buy, I was told it was the part of the laptop where the power cord connects, not the cord itself. This part is apparently connected to the motherboard. One to two weeks before it’ll be ready. The banquet’s in two days. Luckily, I keep a backup on my external hard drive. It couldn’t have been too long ago that I backed things up. Maybe two weeks. Even though a lot of the show will be gone, I’ve got all the pictures ready to go. It’ll be a stretch, but I think I can do it.

The next day, after class, I went straight to the lab with my backup in hand. I plugged it in and skimmed through the files. That’s odd, where’s the slideshow folder? Should be in the desktop… Oh. My desktop wasn’t backed up. Just set folders. I see.

I walked a long walk back to the CSC, defeated. “Sorry, Todd, no slideshow this year. All the pictures are gone.” I went back to my apartment to get lunch. I sat therefor a bit, thinking long and hard about all this. Reality’s getting on my nerves. It’s been messing with me a lot as of late. But maybe… Maybe I shouldn’t give it the satisfaction of messing with me this time. No, I’m going to make it happen. There will be a slideshow.

I burst through the CSC back door, frozen pizza in one hand, Dr. Pepper in the other. I tossed them into the refrigerator and put my keys in the key box. I passed through the front living room on my way to the door, where about six or so CSCers were hanging around. Todd was standing nearby. “It’s gonna happen, Todd,” I said, walking through the door. If I recall, there was almost a bit of cheering going on as I made my way through the door.

Over the next two days, I rebuilt what took me a month of free time:

UPDATE: Got the video working in two separate parts. Hopefully I can put it in one later.

UPDATE UPDATE: Got it working! Enjoy!



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