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Overclocked Favorites: Gameboy titles May 2, 2008

Posted by eric22222 in VG Music.

(Session 37 is up)

I’ve mentioned Overclocked Remix before, but I just thought I’d point out some cool songs I’ve found on it recently. Maybe I’ll make it a semi-regular feature here… Overclocked Favorites. Sounds good enough. We’ll stick with that. May as well keep some sort of theme for each one… Let’s go with Gameboy games for these introductory picks. Here we go:

Chopinesque Kirby – Kirby’s Dream Land, Gameboy
This is a great piano solo piece remixing the tune “Green Greens” from Kirby’s first game. Lots of variation keeps the remix interesting. It starts very light, then comes in full force at 0:30. Things build up from there, getting more exciting. From there it just gets better and better all the way to the triumphant conclusion. This one’s definitely worth a listen.

Reel Big Mario – Super Mario Land, Gameboy
A remix of the main theme of Mario’s first Gameboy title. This is a ska mix, with a definite big band sound through most of it. I’m just disappointed that it’s so short. Clocking in at 1:45, there’s not much time to really enjoy the tune, but you can always listen to it twice through.

Braving Tal Tal Heights – The Legend of Zelda:Link’s Awakening, Gameboy
This is one of my favorite tunes from this game, which was one of my favorite Gameboy games. The song starts with a good piano introduction with lots of tones backing it up, then busts into a lead banjo part. That’s right. Banjo. It builds up until about 1:19, when the main theme begins with a violin, which dances all over the staff. At 3:08, everything backs off for a bit, letting you catch your breath, then it’s back to the banjo to lead back to the violin for the closing.



1. The Matt Luc - May 3, 2008

Um, Braving Tal Tal Heights is AMAZING!

2. Larry “Liontamer” Oji - May 7, 2008

Cool, Eric! Thanks for the kind words on OC ReMix. I’m definitely hoping you continue this feature, though I’m biased of course. If you haven’t downloaded the torrents yet, be sure to do that to grab the first 1700 mixes at once. There’s tons of great stuff from artists and games that you may not have heard before!

Larry “Liontamer” Oji
Head Submissions Evaluator, OverClocked ReMix
Creator, VG Frequency
Staff, VGMdb

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