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Summer Plans May 12, 2008

Posted by eric22222 in General.

(First half of session 39 is up)

Not a lot going on right now. I’m in a sort of seasonal limbo, with a few things to take care of before I can kick back and enjoy the summer. Of course, the next few months won’t be all kicking back and relaxing. I’ve got a handful of things I want to get done this summer:

  • Finish the video game, Zinc: Adam and I have been working on this for a long time (not so much over the past semester), so hopefully we can call it done before fall. It’s mostly finishing touches left, but there’s a lot of them.
  • Upgrade my parents’ old computer: This things is a piece of junk, really, but I’d like to salvage it. Right now it’s got a 6 GB hard drive and 256 MB of RAM, running Windows 98. Over the summer, I’d like to find some old parts on eBay, then install Linux instead of Windows.
  • Bring the D&D campaign to a close: I brought Dungeons & Dragons to the CSC back in April 2007, and since then we’ve had 11 different people play a total of 41 sessions spanning 13 months. In all that, I’ve yet to actually play. Hopefully, Mike will be taking over as DM in the fall, so I’ll need to bring this campaign to a good stopping point by then.
  • Buy a projector: Zach and I have been slowly turning the apartment into a multimedia paradise. He’s been fixing us up on the audio end, purchasing a surround sound system not too long ago, so I’m in charge of video. We’ve been reserving a specific wall for such a purpose for a long time now, so let’s hope I can find a good one.


1. The Matt Luc - May 12, 2008

Let me know what kind of RAM that thing uses, I’ve got some brand-new RAM sitting around my desk that I don’t need. It’s getting EBayed otherwise.

Wait… Mike? As in Mike F.? The Greedy Elf? He’ll be the new DM?! Then you sir, need to bring the campaign up to the level of awesome, it’d also be great if you could somehow work a certain, um, storyline into it.

2. zach - May 12, 2008

don’t forget to start working out one or two of “those” compositions…

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