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Chimney Tops hike May 26, 2008

Posted by eric22222 in General.

(Session 40 has been posted)

On Wednesday, I had the whole day off and nothing productive to do. My laptop was power cordless, so I couldn’t do anything truly productive on my many virtual projects. Luckily, CSCer Whitney sent out a message seeing if anyone wanted to go hiking on Wednesday. I took her up on the offer, and it ended up being the two of us plus David and Sheridan. The four of us made the trek to the Chimney Tops, a part of the Smokey Mountains I had yet to climb. It was a very short hike, only about two miles. I was well prepared, too, having brought various snack foods I’d gotten from the occasional care packages I get.

Finally, we made it to the titular Chimney Tops, which were at the top of some massive slate rocks at about a 45 degree angle. In fact, according to this site here, it was a 40-foot, class 3 scramble to the top (The easier, shorter path on the east side that it mentions was closed that day). The climb up was a bit nerve racking to say the least. The summit was worth it, though. We had a great view from the top. We must’ve stayed up there for at least half an hour, just snacking and enjoying the atmosphere. I packed light, so my camera was not present for picture taking, sorry.

Still, this is what makes the Internet so fun: not only does Google Maps show the nearby road that brought us to the trail, it’ll show the trail’s path, along with the terrain (link). The arrow points to the summit, and you can follow it around to the road (the trailhead is at 441).



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