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Overclocked Favorites: Chrono Trigger May 30, 2008

Posted by eric22222 in General, VG Music.

This week, we’ll take a look at some piano solos taken from the Super Nintendo game, Chrono Trigger. I played Chrono Trigger long ago, and I still think it was a very advanced game. First off, it’s an RPG, so it’s pretty heavy on plot, but it involves time travel, which complicates matters. It’s almost mind-blowing, seeing how many times the plot loops in on itself. It had a great graphic style, that well-done pixel art look seen in some of the later SNES games. But enough about that, this is about the music! The soundtrack to Chrono Trigger is fantastic. It always amazes me what kind of music the SNES was capable of making. Here are three pieces done as piano solos:

Town Life in Piano – Chrono Trigger, SNES
As in all RPGs, Chrono begins his adventure in a peaceful village, blissfully unaware of the planet-shattering Thing that always happens. This is a great mix of the first city theme. Serene, pleasant, relaxing. There’s a lot of cool piano runs in there, though mostly at the end. The beginning is more or less true to the original notes. At 0:47 is when things get interesting. Lots of quick mordents in the later verses.

600 A.D. in Piano – Chrono Trigger, SNES
After Chrono’s first leap through one of the time gates, he finds himself in the same place, but in a new time. It’s mysterious and even dangerous, and this song conveys that sense of uncertainty. It begins slowly and softly, then picks up on the second time through the main theme. At 0:57, it changes to the next section of the song, building up until 1:45 where it spices up the main theme with extra dynamics and contrast.

The Trial in Concert – Chrono Trigger, SNES
This is an impressive piece in itself, especially once you realize that it was recorded live, and in just one take. This song plays in a part of the game where Chrono is accused of false charges, and put through a sham of a trial. The foreboding chords that play do a great job of adding to the atmosphere. The incredible thing about this mix is that although it’s nearly eight minutes long, it never gets stale.

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