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CSC Mosaic June 11, 2008

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Back in February, I mentioned a program called AndreaMosaic, which allows the user to create a mosaic of small images that add up to one larger image. What I didn’t mention was that I planned on doing something like that for the CSC. You may remember seeing the image used in the end of year slideshow a while back, but there’s quite a story behind it. I presented the idea to Todd, who seemed to like it. I got to work, grabbing as many CSC pictures as I could to form one massive CSC mosaic. Once completed, the image was printed on the architecture building’s massive printers and framed in the CSC. It measures about 3 by 4 feet, There are about 1200 tiles in there, though some pictures needed to be repeated. It looks really great up on the wall, but if you start by looking at it really close, you can’t quite make out the big picture, but that’s what makes its placement awesome: it’s opposite a large mirror, so by turning around and looking in the mirror, you suddenly see the large image. Everyone who has seen it so far really likes it, so that’s a successful project in my book. Click to check out the image:

And click on the image to check it out in all it’s beautiful detail.



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