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Overclocked Favorites: Traveling Music June 14, 2008

Posted by eric22222 in General, VG Music.

Picture this: you’re driving down a curving road, tall trees on both sides, with the sun streaming down through the branches above. Now try to picture what music would go with that. Now see if we’re on the same wavelength:

Twoson Hits the Road – Earthbound, SNES
This is the song I had in mind when I decided to make this an OCF topic. Seems that all three of these pieces have a bit of folk influence, which seems to give it that traveling feel. Djpretzel did a great job on this song, really bringing Twoson to life. In Earthbound, the city was quiet and country-like, and that’s what you garner from the tune.

Dreamer – Chrono Cross, PS1
This is a first for Overclocked Favorites: I’m listing a soundtrack to a game I’ve never played. Still, it fits the bill. I had my music on shuffle, and when this came up for the first time, I realized I finally had a second piece for “traveling music.” You can here some major similarities to “Twoson Hits the Road,” specifically in the guitar rhythm. Once you get going, though, you’ll see some major differences as well.

Victory Festival – Kirby Super Star, SNES
This is a really cheery song, and I have no idea how I’ve never heard it before. With the other two songs ready to post, I needed a third and had to search around to find one. Boy, did I ever. I wish it was longer, but I’ve said that about a lot of songs. Listening to it again, it has a definite Celtic sound to it, which I’m a big fan of. Bonus points for that.

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1. Larry “Liontamer” Oji - June 18, 2008

Nice choices, Eric. You should check out Kaijin’s recent Animal Crossing mix as well for this overarching theme!

Just letting you know I still read your OCF selections regularly; keep it up, bro, and thanks as always for your thoughts on our music and spreading the word!

Larry “Liontamer” Oji
Head Submissions Evaluator, OverClocked ReMix
Creator, VG Frequency
Staff, VGMdb

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