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Overclocked Favorites: Arcade Tunes July 7, 2008

Posted by eric22222 in General, VG Music.

(Session 42, part 1 of the Dungeons & Dragons campaign has been posted)

Many years ago, video games were very different. When you wanted to play, you had to travel to a place called an “arcade.” These “arcades” were full of over-sized cabinets, each containing one video game each. A small fee, generally a quarter, was used to activate the game. After a game-over, the player must insert another quarter to continue. This continued until the gamer ran out of quarters, or until woolly mammoths and dinosaurs attacked the establishment. These ancient relics of a bygone video gaming era generally had little music, making the following remixes all the more impressive.

Six Feet Under – Dig Dug, Arcade
Dig Dug was a pretty crazy game, to say the least. I never really figured out what exactly was going on. Like most arcade games, there was very little music. Surprisingly, this remixer has made very much from very little. The first six seconds of the song is almost the entire game soundtrack. Still, the short tunes of Dig Dug have been turned into a catchy techno mix.

Funkiphibian Dub – Frogger, Arcade
Ah, Frogger. Not much music in this one, either, but djpretzel has taken that eight-second tune and made this mix here. The melody doesn’t vary too much except for about a minute from the end where it temporarily swaps to a slightly swinging minor key. There’s some nice swelling undertones throughout the whole song, and the drum beats change a bit as it progresses.

Sinergia – Pac-Man, Arcade
From what I understand, this is by a South American band. It sounds pretty laid back at the start, with a guitar playing the very short original theme. Then comes the Spanish lyrics. No idea what they’re saying until 1:31, when it just becomes hilarious.

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