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Overclocked Favorites: Sambas and Rumbas July 21, 2008

Posted by eric22222 in VG Music.

No little introductory blurb this time. The theme is latin music. On to the picks:

Latin Sphere – Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Sega Genesis
Right from the start, this one has a catchy rhythm that just makes you want to dance. It builds up quickly, starting with a piano line, adding some bongos, then some strings. At 0:24, most instruments drop out, leaving you just enough to time to see the start of the song proper on the way two seconds later. Nothing out of the ordinary for about a minute, but at 1:20, an awesome flute solo takes the lead for a while. At 1:52, lead swaps to a jazzy piano, then the flute takes back over.

Hotel Rhumba – Earthbound, SNES
This is a song I didn’t hear too much in Earthbound. The hotels were a place to get your health back up, but I was always kind of stingy about my money, saving up for the better weapons… Anyway. The song is pretty true to the original, which sounded pretty rumbatic already (I thought I just made that word up; turns out it’s about seven other places online). At 0:17, acoustic guitar takes the melody, and sounds great. At 0:34, it tosses in a bit of Earthbound’s other songs, which is a nice touch. At 1:40, the song completely changes gears, and in all honesty I love the second half less.

La Samba De Agua – Super Mario Bros. 3, NES
First off, let me say I was already impressed by this mix before learning this tidbit: all the instruments were played by the same guy. Copied from the remix’s page, that’s “Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Jimbaes, Maracas, Egg Shakers, Claves, Tenor Sax, Trumpet, Flute, Bass Clarinet, Bass Guitar, and Melodica.” The original was just a few short measures for the water world’s level select screen, but the remixer has made this a full, and impressive, musical piece. I’ve only got one word to say about this one: it’s-awesome-go-listen-to-it-now.

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