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The last week of summer August 17, 2008

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(Part 1 of session 45 is up)

The last few days have been very busy. Allow me to go through some of the things that have happened:

Thursday and Friday both were long work days for me, but they didn’t prepare me for Saturday. It was to be my first time as a Chick-Fil-A cow. Chick-Fil-A is useful for catering and such, but if you’re looking to draw attention, people bring in the cow. So around 10 AM, I arrived at the store (saw Tammy and BJ inside) and met with the local marketing director. We gathered the catering trays and the cow suit and put them in the CFA van. I was the one who ended up driving the thing, which was more than a little intimidating. She led me to our destination: a new fitness center’s grand opening. They directed me to the back of the store where I was suited up. It took several minutes and 6 hands to get me into the suit. The black spots on the cows neck and forehead where the only vents, and also my only viewing ports.

After a few photo ops, I walked outside to wave at Kingston Pike’s traffic. Since it was a fitness center, it only stood to reason that I should probably appear to be working out or something. My routine included waving at cars, jumping jacks, flexing, and at one point riverdancing. After an hour or so, I went inside for a drink and short break. I was already tired, but still had quite a bit to go. After the break, I returned to the grass outside the store to find they had brought me an exercise bike. So, for about one or two hours, I pedalled. I was waving at passing cars, still flexing sometimes, and trying to come up with other funny things to do. I got plenty of honks from cars, and one person actually pulled over:

“Man, I gotta tell ya, you’re the most hardcore cow I ever seen. We saw you out here before we got lunch, and your still out here pedalling.”

A radio station was also trying to bring in some attention, broadcasting from the fitness center. Apparently, they had gotten at least three calls about how awesome the cow was. All in all, I did pretty good for my first time. The problem was that I had a seven hour shift waiting for me after that, and it didn’t help that my legs were spaghetti after that workout.

Okay, part 2 of the post.

Wednesday nights at church, we have about eight or so people meet with the worship leader to practice new songs, making sure the congregation isn’t met with unfamiliar songs unless plenty of people can support the singing. Worship team, vocal support group, whatever you’d like to call it. Anyway, this past week we’ve been working on installing a new sound system and projector setup, which looks fantastic. It’s really amazing how much more polished everything looks. We managed to work out the kinks for this morning, which is one of the biggest Sundays at Laurel: the day the new students arrive. Things went great. The entire church auditorium was full. Every pew was packed. Mike Taylor did a great job of leading singing, and his song choices were a good mix of classic Church of Christ anthems and more contemporary songs. Mark Smith’s lesson was a “never give up” message, with a bit of self-humiliation as he told everyone about his extensive collection of Hawaiian shirts. Plenty of new students showed up, and we have plenty of activities to invite them to. If all goes well, we’ll have several new faces at the CSC this year.

Finally, Zach has returned to Knoxville, so Alex is moving out to his new apartment on campus. In just a few minutes over breakfast, I was shocked to see how “in tune” Zach and I still are. Having been friends for four years now, we seem to anticipate each other’s lines, knowing what is about to be said. Often, we don’t even have to say it; we just know what phrase or quote was about to be said. With Zach back in Knoxville (and therefore Zach’s computer), I know that my free time will soon be sunk back into Team Fortress 2.



1. ashley - August 20, 2008

eric, i have to say i couldnt be prouder that my brother is the best chik fil a cow in the business. as for the new faces at the csc, dont forget the most important new face this year–mine. i will be a full time utk student in january!! yay! be sure that everyone is ready for the awesomeness that would undoubtedly ensue after my arrival. ❤ your little sis

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