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Overclocked Favorites: Halloween Special October 22, 2008

Posted by eric22222 in General, VG Music.

Adventure games have obligatory haunted levels. Not as scary as water levels, but still an integral part to the adventure. Those tunes, once remixed, make for some frighteningly good listens:

Raptor Waltz – Jurassic Park, Sega Genesis
Not really from a haunted level, per se, but this remix caught me off guard with its all around scare factor. This is a creepy piece of 3/4, to say the least. A set of foreshadowing chords starts the song, and is soon complemented by some bells which… hard to explain, but they make the song feel very empty for a moment. The large gap in pitches between the bass and bells makes it very hollow, which in turn makes you want to turn around to make sure there’s nothing giving chase. There’s some other interesting things to this song that I’ll just let you discover for yourself.

In the Darkness Lies – Banjo-Kazooie, N64
Banjo-Kazooie has my favorite video game soundtrack. Grant Kirkhope is an amazing composer (on a sidenote, he was recently interviewed by OCR). This song shows just how startlingly far remixes can get from their origins. Mad Monster Mansion, the level that this remix takes its melody from, was the obligatory “spooky” level, but it was done in a very cartoony, playful style. This remix is dreadfully serious. Ambient sounds back up support vocals, all layered over the occasionally surfacing motif. Really, an amazing piece having been so familiar with the original.

Ghost – Super Mario World, SNES
This piece is an unusual mixture of styles. I had to look on the remix page to make sure I explained this correctly: it is electro/orchestral. If that doesn’t sound like it should work, listen to the remix first, then come back here. Done? Good. Now you see what I mean. The deep thud of the bass mixed with string lead chords and ample brass. I think it’d be really interesting to hear this piece without the electronic sounds; it feels like that in itself would be a complete orchestral piece. Still, the melding of the two styles make for an intersting remix of an old classic.

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