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Inaugural Vlog November 28, 2008

Posted by eric22222 in Vlog.

(Session 57 has been posted)

Transcript for those that can’t access YouTube:

Okay, I’m going to try it: video blogging. Vlogging.

It’s kinda weird. The real reason I usually blog in the first place is it’s easier for me to get across what I want to say when I have a minute to actually type it out and everything. You know, not being a good speaker, text is usually my preferred format.

So, here in Gallatin for Thanksgiving. Pretty boring right now. Don’t actually have anything to say. Uh…

This is Ashley’s dog: Crisco. He’s adorable. But very annoying at times. The other dog Caramel is a little more camera-shy than Crisco, and not as easy to, uh, pick up and bring to the camera, so…

I’ve gotten to play piano a lot more, because there is a piano at this house, whereas there is not really one at my apartment, so that’s been nice. Been playing Christmas songs. Been picking up a new tune that is not from a video game, which is a little unusual for my repitoire. In fact…

This’ll be pretty cool. Hang on.



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