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Frankenstein’s Wiring March 15, 2009

Posted by eric22222 in General.

(Session 65 has been posted)

It was a dark and cloudy day. With the door locked and the table cleared, it was time to begin my work. I sat my lemonade aside; it could easily be knocked over in the ensuing chaos. Better to be safe than sorry. The inactive power cord sat on the plain, white table, silently refusing to function.

But that was about to change.

Through… means of various scruple levels, I had acquired a second broken power cord. Whereas my newer cord was broken right at its computer connection, this recently found cord was broken in the large, black box. The parts were not meant to be interchanged, but these were desperate times.

Pocket knife in hand, I began prying open the boxes of each cord. For the more difficult of the two, a butter knife and hammer acted as an improvised chisel. Slowly but surely, progress was made.

A satisfying pop. The box opened up, revealing an elaborate tangle of wires and electronics. “Here,” I said, “are the cords I need to swap.” A pair of wires connected to the circuit board would need to be replaced with the other power cord’s wires. “Igor, hand me the soldering gun.”

“Here you go.”

“Wait, we actually have a soldering gun?”

“I’m as surprised as you are.”

“I’m… not certain how to proceed, here. I was guessing this would be where I had to give up.” Cautiously, I grabbed the heating device and took it to the circuit board. “Here goes nothing.” The scent of burning alloys filled the air as the mercury-like molten metal fell through the board. Having freed the wires from the board, I placed the new set in their place. Holding the gun above the circuits, the solder melted into place, holding the new wires firmly.

Thunder rumbled outside the window. The elements themselves trembled in fear of what would take place that night: the reanimation of dead electronics.

“Now,” I said, plugging the laptop in to the Frankensteinian cable, “we’ll see who’s crazy! Flip the switch, Zach!”

The outlet’s power surged through the power strip and into the cord. I watched the green LED with unwavering alertness, waiting for it to light up, signalling my success. We both kept our eyes fixed on the unlit cord. Seconds passed.


The droning rain was interrupted as Zach spoke: “I guess you’ll have to buy a new power cord after all.”



1. Adam Fuller - March 25, 2009

Sigh, it’s too bad when things like that don’t work, eh?

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