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Twenty-Two May 5, 2009

Posted by eric22222 in Deep Thoughts, General.

Twenty-two years ago today. That was the beginning of my life on Earth. I suppose that in the short time I’ve been here, I’ve done more than many do in a lifetime. Whether or not that supposition is accurate is another matter, but the thought that it may be true is somewhat overwhelming.

A great deal of that has to do with luck of the draw. I was born into opportunity, given every chance to succeed. My family supported me in all the ways they could. From my mother, I gained most of my social skills (that shouldn’t be taken as an insult, by the way). I suppose it isn’t in any way unique that a son learns how to behave from his mother, but it’s important, nonetheless. Furthermore, she taught me most of my practical abilities. My father contributed in a different, but in no way less important way. Most noticeably, he taught me music, building a foundation for years of personal study in the field. More importantly, though, he gave me a desire to understand the world and how it works.

And though I much of my current life is based on where and to whom I happened to be born, some has to be with the way I’ve approached my life. I’ve made it a sort of personal quest to be a “jack of all trades,” able to hold my own in a spectrum of activities. By continually trying my hand at different skills, I’ve become much more well-rounded than I would have been had I stuck to my innate abilities (not to say that I don’t favor some hobbies over others).

And so, from both things within and beyond my control, I have become who I am today. So now, I’ll end a vaguley eloquent post with a tacky list of twenty-two things I’ve done in my life:

  1. Written music
  2. Programmed a video game
  3. Traveled the world
  4. Led thousands of people in worship
  5. Grown a mustache (Well, sort of, I guess)
  6. Been white-water rafting
  7. Gotten lost in a rain forest
  8. Built furniture (Currently my favorite apartment furnishing)
  9. Snorkeled at a coral reef
  10. Climbed a mountain
  11. Sang to a customer at Chick-Fil-A (“Danny Boy”)
  12. Danced in a rainstorm
  13. Loved and lost (‘Twas better than never having loved at all)
  14. Learned to draw (Still a work in progress)
  15. Upgraded a computer
  16. Built a sandcastle in Hawaii
  17. Burst into song (Many times)
  18. Eaten sushi
  19. Marched in the inaugural parade
  20. Swam in three different oceans (Not the Arctic)
  21. Ridden on a sleeper train
  22. Made lemonade (Life gave me lemon juice. Also sugar.)


1. Zach Spivey - May 5, 2009

number 8 is blasphemy and you know it

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