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Song of Storms May 24, 2009

Posted by eric22222 in Deep Thoughts, General.

The tuning is finally done. Since the first drops fell one hour ago, it had both poured and sprinkled, exercising the full range of meteorological notes. Now the sky is prepared for the overture. The tune does not begin with a sudden strike of the orchestra, but with the sustained rhythm of the falling rain.

Skilled ears can pick up on the subtle rhythms of the storm. Hear the beats as they play out:

One, two.
Three, four.

Quiet at first, barely noticeable, but they soon fill the concert hall. The downbeat is heavy, a quick burst of water from the sky, hitting the ground in unison. The music is not rushed; this piece begins slowly.

Now the tempo picks up. The drops begin to fall faster, each one focused on its target below, unwavering and prepared to strike on cue. A gentle rumble in the distance begins the percussive backing of the song as the low thunder carries beneath the dark clouds.

Look up now, and see the song with your eyes. The sky is not black, but a brilliant shade of deep blue. See how the clouds are brighter than the sky they obscure, a reflection of the city lights below, clashing the artificial yellows with the dark hues of night. Watch as each drop shoots down as an arrow, swift and unerring. The steady oscillations of the rain can be seen, and the steady tempo matches.

Feel the wind as it rushes on stage, an unexpected transition to the middle eight. The trees sway in rhythm, keeping time with their perfectly syncopated oscillations. The raindrops are carried by the gusts, creating a spectacular sight.

A blinding flash in the sky heralds the next strike from the orchestra. Seconds later, the sky is torn by the rumble. The deep, suspended note is held as a fermata. Its end is not abrupt; it fades into the darkness long after the streak of light has departed.

The entire orchestra is now in harmony, each instrument playing off the notes of the others. With one last crash of thunder, the wind decrescendos, the percussion fades. The symphony ends as it began: with the soft beats of the falling water. Only the steady rain holds, and slowly disappears into the night.



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