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Takes One to Know One August 28, 2009

Posted by eric22222 in General.

It was just about time for CS494 to start. This semester’s course on artifical intelligence is no where near as good as my previous one, but the workload is light, so I won’t complain. I took a seat near the front. This wasn’t because I planned on paying close attention to the lecture, but because it was the only seat left when I walked in at five ’til. I got out my notes and began jotting some numbers down. First one, then another one, then two, three, five, eight, thirteen… Anyway.

I soon noticed the two characters sitting on my left. They were nerds.

Let me clarify this statement a bit. Many people can identify themselves as nerds. I know people who collect video games, people who have watched weeks worth of anime, a handful who have participated in cosplay, and even a weird guy who ran a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, but I wouldn’t compare any of them to these two. Think of it this way: if a movie or TV series needed to introduce a character as the show’s nerd, what ridiculous and commonly ungrounded stereotypes would they exaggerate?

These two were in white, button-up shirts (top button fastened) tucked into tight, gray slacks. They seemed to have taken a lot of time making sure their hair looked as though they had not spent a lot of time on it. Simultaneously neat and unkempt. The pants were just a little too short, showing just enough of the oddly colorful socks to draw attention. And the glasses. Oh my, the glasses. What sick and twisted optometrist would allow a man to leave wearing such ridiculously over-sized frames? Let’s see, do they have pocket protectors…

I had just nearly finished my mental inventory of what makes these men look so nerdy when I suddenly realized I had been writing out the Fibonacci sequence in the margins of my notes for my lecture class on the theory of artificial intelligence.

Snapshot of me



1. The Matt Luc - August 29, 2009


I am a nerd. I’m proud to say it! I can pretty much recite Warcraft and Tolkein lore, I build computers, I play multiple MMOs, as well as other games, and I came quote shows like The Venture Bros., Futurama, Sealab 2021, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and others verbatim, often times in a chillingly accurate impression of the voice. I have been to a Microsoft convention to top all that off. Unfortunately, I did not meet Bill Gates. That reminds me… Although I’m sure you’ve heard this before:

Also, I memorized Holy Grail really well, I could recite it right now, and have you ROTFLOL.

The Matt Luc - August 29, 2009

Wow… I can* quote… However, I cannot apparently spell very well…

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