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Boost Day (part 1 of 9) – An Introduction September 10, 2009

Posted by eric22222 in General, Malaysia.

How does one explain Boost Day? It was a silly inside joke that we developed in Malaysia. But it stands out from the rest: it brought us back together again for a fantastic day of celebration and merriment.

First, some background information. Why were we in Malaysia? And who is “we?” Well, Brad Williams, Meredith Martin (now McDermott), Loraine Adamo (now Tipton), and myself embarked on a two-month mission trip to Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia. For the summer months of 2006, we taught English from the gospel of Luke. It’s easily the most life-changing experience I’ve had.

We formed plenty of jokes in Malaysia. About everything, really. After a ride in a sleeper train, we noticed a few lights out in the sign for the Butterworth station. In our sleep-deprived state, the resulting sign for “Buttworth” gave us laughs for the rest of the night. We laughed even harder when we bought some cookies from a local 7-11:


A little price-tag placement goes a long way

So. The boost. One morning, over some pancakes, we spoke with one of our new friends, an old Indian lady. She explained that in her earlier years, she studied enumerology (think horoscopes with more factors). She explained that a person’s birthday could be found within the numbers of their parents’ birthdays. Of course, sometimes the numbers were just in the same family (3, 6, and 9, for example). With this stipulation, you’d be hard-pressed to find a person whose birthday wouldn’t somehow relate to their parents’. Then it happened. Loraine’s numbers didn’t add up.

“Ah, well, you see, the nine here is a very extreme number, so it gives this four the boost, so it is in the family of the five.”

We kept our laughter to ourselves until later, but never let a mystical nine go unnoticed. Thus the concept of “the boost” was born. A silly inside joke that has kept on going.

So stay tuned for the rest of this nine-part series on Boost Day.



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