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Boost Day (part 2 of 9) – A Long Road Ahead September 14, 2009

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Welcome to part two of our nine-part series on Boost Day! If you missed out, you may want to get up to speed with part one.

As the auspicious day of 9/09/09 drew closer, we began organizing. With Loraine in Indiana, Meredith in Nashville, and Brad and myself in Knoxville, we had to find somewhere we could all make it to without too much trouble. The average of our locations would have put us somewhere north of Cookeville. However! Since it was Boost Day, the average would of course get the boost in a westerly direction, putting it smack dab in the middle of Nashville. Perfect!


Weighted location average represented by the red dot

So began the massive e-mail chain. We went back and forth with ideas of what we could do to relive the fun times in Malaysia, while not actually going to Malaysia.  Every new message hid yet another inside joke, reminding us of laughs long forgotten.


We probably should've cc'd this to Craig and Justin

With everything planned out, we were ready for the best (and first) Boost Day.

Brad and I met at the CSC following my classes on the morning of September 9th, 2009. The day was sunny and full of promise. A few lazy clouds drifted by across the otherwise clear, blue sky. As I walked up the CSC driveway, Brad was just walking outside to greet me.

“Muffy! Merry Boost Day!” He was in his bright blue “adventure shirt,” the same he wore when we found ourselves lost in a Malaysian rain forest. I had a good feeling about that. I should point out that the whole team had earned a host of ridiculous nicknames. Meredith, for example, could be referred to as “Fireball,” or even “Wheels.” Somehow, I had wound up with “Muffy.”

“And a happy Boost Day to you,” I said, walking up the steps. “I’m going to run down to the store and get some batteries for my camera before we leave.”

“Smashing! Well, we’re all set whenever you are.”

After a quick trip to a nearby shop on campus, Brad and I bid farewell to the CSCers and made our way into the car. Brad had power bars, Fig Newtons, and muffins on the passenger seat. We tossed them into the back as I took their place. I donned my fedora as we pulled out of the driveway. 180 miles were between us and our team, but we were ready for any adventure along the way.

After some catching up, Brad explained he had brought some Sherlock Holmes audio books for the ride. I had never read the stories, but was fascinated by the way the fictional detective solved case after case. Shortly before one o’clock central, we arrived in Nashville.

We passed our meeting spot a few times, but finally found our way to Sitar, an Indian buffet. That’s where we’ll pick up for part 3 of this nine-part series on Boost Day.



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