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Boost Day (part 3 of 9) – Reunion September 18, 2009

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Meredith and Loraine sat at the far corner of the restaurant. Four glasses of water had already been set on the table. Brad shouted a warm greeting across the tables.

“Merry Boost Day!”

We exchanged pleasantries as the waiter came by to see if we needed drinks. I chose to remain with just the water, and Brad got a mango lassi.

“So what have you gials been up to?”

That’s probably another joke that needs a quick explanation. Simply put, it was a typo on the church bulletin board in Malaysia.


We came to teach English, after all

Meredith and Loraine went on to talk about their recent exploits, and we continually pointed out that none of us knew where exactly Loraine was living now, save that it was somewhere north.

“So how is Illinois, anyway?”

“Actually, we’re living in Indiana, but-”

“Yeah, like I said, Michigan.”

Meredith and Loraine presented a pair of blue gift bags before we started eating. We were a bit surprised (and without gifts of our own to present), but grateful. Brad opened his first to reveal a donut with one bite taken out of it. At a donut shop in Malaysia, Brad had snuck a bite of Meredith’s donut one day; she had finally gotten her revenge. In my bag was a package of Butter Cookies (with one well-placed sticker for added humor) and, better yet, a package of Butterscotch Buttons, subtly edited to read “Butt Butts.”

The food brought back some memories. We had some chicken tandoori, butter naan, and similar Indian dishes. Granted, it wasn’t Restoran Al-Awwal Maju, but still good.


Best food in Malaysia. No contest.

“Boy, I’m fuller than a tick on a lazy porch dog,” Brad exclaimed with an appropriate southern drawl. “So where do you gials want to head to next?”

“How about Opry Mills? We could find plenty to do there.”

“Good idea. Let’s move out.”

I bet you’d like to know what happens next. Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned for the rest of this nine-part series on Boost Day.


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