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Boost Day (part 4 of 9) – Ultraviolent September 22, 2009

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Things got crazy once we got to the mall. We had a whole boost day ahead of us, but nothing really planned out. We began by wandering the spacious halls of Opry Mills, passing between kiosks and benches, looking for our first activity. Then, like an anti-beacon of black light, we saw eighteen holes of miniature awesome: Glow Golf. The putt-putt course was lit only by black light, reminiscent of our experiences at the Kuala Lumpur planetarium. We paid the fee (guess how many dollars?), grabbed our clubs, and put on our game faces.

golf1 copy

Game faces, indeed

The competition was fierce. Each hole (especially the ninth, mind you) provided greater challenges, upping the ante bit by bit. When the ridiculous obstacles seemed to be at the crux of the difficulty curve, we turned the corner to find the all-too-cliche loop-de-loop. Things were further complicated by everyone’s insatiable thirst for victory. Let me tell you, things got intense. Here we see Brad preparing to challenge Loraine to a club fight:


Or maybe he was dancing? I don't know.

And that Meredith… she has experience hitting people with things. I mean, just look at this not-out-of-context photo from Malaysia. She’s obviously hitting Pua with a broom!

Note the non-misleading camera angle

Note the non-misleading camera angle

We finished the game and moved on to find other adventures in the mall.



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