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We have nothing to blog but blog itself March 31, 2010

Posted by eric22222 in General.

I have had nothing of interest to say over the past month or so. So here’s a collection of all the thoughts that didn’t form full posts:

I’ve been doing an awful lot of video editing lately. I’m considering investing in some better software over the next few months, mostly so I can do one-man band style videos, playing multiple instruments and editing it all together.

In that same vein, I will be making DVD collections of the CSC slideshows of past years. They will be available sometime in April. Rather than outright charging for them, I’ll probably just take donations.

I’m down to just about one month of classes for the rest of forever. Not sure how I feel about that.

We solved two [simpler] math problems today during lunch: what is the average length of a chord of a circle radius r? It was a little more difficult for the average distance between two points on a square’s perimeter, the result involving arcsinh(1).

I’ve been picking up some new melodies for my melodica. Most notable is the overworld theme to Super Mario Bros 2.

The due dates for my last set of projects are approaching… One will be one of the most difficult programs I’ve had to code up, but I think I can handle it. At least, I hope I can.



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