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School still isn’t over April 26, 2010

Posted by eric22222 in General.

I went to take out the trash today.

I had been engrossed in my program for most of the afternoon, struggling with errors in a certain case of blah blah blah jargon. Playing music proved too much a distraction today, so I had restricted myself to the low hum of lightbulbs and kitchen appliances. Occasionally a loud breeze would blow outside, but I was otherwise perfectly concentrated on the stress-inducing task at hand.

This was, of course, the last major assignment of my college career. The one thing standing between me and a week-long cramming session for finals. Needless to say, I was stressed. I needed a vacation. Or maybe a short break. Or maybe just some more soda.

Reaching for another sip of generic cola, I was slightly annoyed to feel no more than an empty can in my grasp. I reluctantly pulled myself from my nest of pillows, wires, and notes and shuffled to the kitchen. The trash can had reached its capacity days ago, and it was now in the “balance phase,” the period in which trash must be placed on the existing pile. I deftly stuffed the can between an old pizza box and a deteriorating banana peel.

I took a step back to admire the equilibrium of refuse. The can fell to the floor with a hollow “tink.” By bachelor health and safety standards, I was obligated to take out the trash at this point. I went about my usual method of preparing the empty bag, tying the old with a double knot, and making the switch. I headed out the back door.


I was struck by cool, fresh air that is uncharacteristic for Knoxville. Above, thick dark clouds filled the sky, slowly making their paces across the horizon. A sparrow zipped by towards the dumpster, reminding me of my mission. I walked down the iron stairs, taking in the air as though it were a fine perfume. My steps resonated all along the metallic steps, sending forth a rhythmic cadence.

I passed a thick honey suckle bush on the path, and a sweet scent filled the air. I was swept up in a storm of memories as I recalled the taste and feel of the summertime flower. I stepped across the parking lot, feeling the occasional pebble beneath the soles of my shoes. Not a painful sensation, but one of a relaxing texture. I rounded the corner.

The sun was obscured by the slowly drifting clouds, but a golden glow along the top of one cloud gave its position. A square of a crystal blue sky was framed by the dark gray clouds, beams of light erupting from below. A strong breeze blew across my face, and I took in all the splendor, all the beauty…

And then I went inside and did homework ’cause it still isn’t done. Blargh.



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