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Packrat Perks August 7, 2010

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Oh, hi there, Internet. Remember me?

So I hold on to things. Unimportant things. Useless things.

I’m not just talking about old textbooks, old school notes, that sort of thing. No, I mean like, the working half of a pencil that gets broken in two, or a sturdy cardboard tube. Things that should be completely useless, but may come in handy in a very strict and rare set of circumstances.

This probably stems from a deep-rooted gamer mentality. In a game, if you get something, it’ll probably be useful eventually. I mean, Mario never goes around throwing away perfectly good coins.

Effective as it may be.

Late Saturday evening, I was preheating the oven for dinner. The sun was setting, the AC was kicking on, and I’d just finished downing another glass of tea. The evening was looking to be uneventful until my computer monitor went blank. The AC shut off. The oven followed suit, and the lights gave in to peer pressure. With the power out, dinner would be on hold for a while.

I started playing some guitar for a while to pass the time, having just realized my keyboard required electricity. After half an hour, it became evident the power would be off for some time. I decided to head out for some fast food, as the only edible that wouldn’t require preparation would be Cheerios or candy canes.

I got in my car and drove off into the sunset towards Chick-Fil-A. Pulling on to Kingston, I noticed nearby traffic lights were also out. Passing a large stopped clock, I was able to pinpoint the outage time at 7:30. It was three miles down the road before I actually saw any buildings with electricity.

Food in hand, I returned to my apartment at dusk. It was getting dark, and I flipped two light switches instinctively before wrapping my mind around the lack of power. It was going to be hard eating in the dark. Sure would be nice if I had a candle of some kind…

Oh yeah! My mind flashed back to the CFA Christmas party of 2006. Among the gifts given out was a small, decorative candle. I had no use for it at the time, and had simply stuffed it into my closet. Triumphantly swinging open the closet doors, I grabbed the small candle and brought it to the living room. I just needed some kind of fire source, but there wasn’t a lighter to be found in the house.

However! One night I stumbled across a single match in the CFA parking lot. I had no use for it at the time, and had simply stuffed it into my van. Triumphantly swinging open the passenger door, I grabbed the match and brought it back into the apartment. I smiled at the fact that I was able to finally find a use for this strange mix of knick-knacks. Striking the match, I brought it close to the wick…

And then the power came back on.




1. Zach - August 8, 2010

This would have been an excellent post to update on BBOB’s (don’t remember the acronym or spelling, sorry) growth…

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