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Greetings from Stormreach! September 19, 2010

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Haven’t had anything to post in a while. I’m working at Computer Depot now, fixing computers and dealing with people. Nothing particularly post-worthy from that just yet. That being the case, I’m posting about my current playthrough of Dungeons & Dragons Online. Formerly, a mediocre action-RPG, but now a free mediocre action-RPG. I’d tried it a while back, but my lack of a decent video card left chugging through with a pitiful ten or so frames per second, if that.

Introductions complete, let’s roll! *snicker*

Marist Kiirnodel is the character name I chose. If I understand D&D’s version of Elvish correctly, the surname means something like “moon gem.” If it doesn’t, the rest of the party can’t really question me. I mean, who’s the elf here?

Traveler, scholar, and all-around ladies' elf.

Marist is a wizard seeking to travel the world and unravel its mysteries. This translates to “no backstory” and “easy to roleplay” in D&D-speak. While heading to Stormreach, he kind of got shipwrecked on some frozen piece of rock called Korthos. The island has exactly one settlement, and I don’t really understand why. Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Everything on the island is trying to destroy this village. It appears that there are no valuable resources on the entire island. The only things of interest outside the village are a bone-chilling white dragon’s lair and some massive stone ruins. It’d be a great place to study the historic sites, but no one here’s interested in that. They just sit in the town talking about how doomed they are. It’s all cultists this and deadly sahuagin that. Short version? Doomed village with no redeeming qualities.

I would’ve hopped on the next boat out of there, but the dragon wasn’t having any of that. The whole island was being frozen, leaving any sea-travel out of the question. So, I waltzed into the dragon’s lair, did some stuff, and then saved the island. The dragon was still alive and well, but apparently no one cared. The point was the beast didn’t care anymore, either. Earned me free passage to Stormreach, so that was good enough for me. Finally got to leave that freakin’ place.

Ooh, pretty water rendering...

So I finally make it to Stormreach. One of the deck hands points me to a nearby pub called the Leaky Dinghy. She said it was floating just near the dock. I assumed it was one of those boathouse sorts of buildings that floats on the water.


So apparently Stormreach is either very rich, very stupid, or very concerned for the well-being of its bars. The place was magically suspended over long-rotted posts. I mean, don’t these people know how much that sort of enchantment costs? If they’re spending all their money of making things hover, I could probably make a good living here.

Ah yes, the start of all great adventures...

I went inside to see about some odd jobs to get myself some spending money. The tavern was a bit musty, and the odors were not exactly pleasant, but I soon enough found a fellow who was looking for some help. He needed someone to smuggle some things from a smuggler, so  that’s a good deed in my book. Double negative style. He pointed me to a basement storehouse near the docks, and off I went.

Not quite a welcome wagon

The place looked normal enough, if secret panels and hidden doors to sewer systems are normal. The skeleton near the door was nice, too. They had a few guard dogs inside, and by dogs, I mean iron-forged automata whose every circuit is programmed to desire my swift and merciless death. I mean, these things walk a normally fine line between technology and magic. They should not be. I made them not be anymore. Not a problem.

It's like a water park, but with less chlorine, and more people dying

I plodded around in some underground tunnels for a solid half-hour, turning valves and opening gates and killing robot dog-things. I really hope the valves didn’t perform some kind of important function, or else the city might be flooded in a few days. Eh, not my problem. I found the smugglers’ hideout, launched a few fireballs their way, and brought back the goods. What do I get in exchange for my services? Some gloves.

A freakin’ pair of gloves.

Ok, I’m gonna need to set prices beforehand next time, else getting rich will take a lot longer than I thought.



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