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Let’s Play Minecraft! October 5, 2010

Posted by eric22222 in Video, Video Games.

Okay, new plan. DDO is kind of drawing on. I mean, considering that it’s free, it’s a good game, but it’s getting bland on me really quickly.

New game.


In short, lego meets… well, I’ve never really had a good way to end that phrase. Minecraft is an anomaly of games. It’s a game that let’s you play it how you want to play it.

In long, you’re dropped in a randomly generated landscape dotted with mountains, waterfalls, lakes, valleys, caves, forests, beaches, and so on. The terrain is blocky. Really blocky. Lego blocky. You can grab any part of the landscape and place it somewhere else. Grab yourself a few trees worth of wood and build a nice house. Dig out some dirt to explore an underground cave. Build yourself an island out of scavenged sand.

Then you can craft items. You can combine stone and wood to make some basic tools like picks and shovels and use them to gather resources more effectively. You can mine some iron out, build a furnace, then smelt the ore with coal to make a strong set of tools. Dig deep enough and you’ll find some nice gems and metals.

At night, monsters come out. A well lit house keeps the monsters away, so you gather resources in the day, dig during the night. You build yourself an empire quite literally brick by brick. It’s fantastic.

Because I’ve been too lazy to post anything substantial in a while, I’m making a Let’s Play series of my exploits in Minecraft (read: something everyone on the Internet has done already).

If you’re looking for interesting new games, hit the video below for a look at how the game looks and runs. If you’re not looking for interesting games and came here to read about my life, nothing interesting is happening now, try again later. Watch the video anyway if you need an Eric fix.

Minecraft website



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