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Assorted Computer Repair Stories October 26, 2010

Posted by eric22222 in General.

You can only hear someone talk about the Mozzarella Foxfire so many times before you just don’t notice it anymore. When someone says their hard drive is broken, I know they mean their desktop computer (same for CPU, tower, rectangle). Still, even with all this desensitizing unfamiliarity with computers, I’ve still had a few stories stick out. These are those stories.

Some of you may be familiar with the Magnifier program in Windows. It’s used to enlarge part of the screen, allowing those with poor eyesight to read small text. You can change the magnification, too, up to 1600% in Windows 7. One customer brought in her system for something along the lines of trouble connecting the Internet. I turned on her system and found she had magnifier set to run at start-up. The magnification level? One hundred percent. Let me expound on that a bit. The right half of her screen was showing what the left side of her screen looked like. It’s like wearing glasses with no lenses… I mean, yeah, you can still see everything fine, but it’s a bit of a hassle…

Working at the Powell store, I took in a system for a middle-aged woman. She smelled. No, let me rephrase; “smell” could describe the actions of a dead animal or sewage system. This was no smell. No. This had officially graduated into stench. This woman exuded an eldritch odor which caused my entire olfactory system to scream in protest. I assume she went on to describe her problems getting on the Nascar site or watching the “innerwebs,” but my mind had long-since shut down. I could only nod and hope my dwindling air supply could hold out until she was gone. After the system was finally checked in, I ran out back for air. Later, I was informed by another tech that roaches were in her computer case and that her smell had persisted for days after my return to Cedar Bluff.

Less of a horror story, more of a fun one: this little old lady came in the door one day at the Cedar Bluff store. I say old, but I guess she was in her forties. Still, she had the gait of a grandmother, that sort of half-shuffle. We helped her bring in her desktop and a surprisingly large monitor. I get a bit of contact information from her and prepare to listen to how she deleted the Googles or how she can’t access her Norton Foxfire. “Well hon, whenever I log in to the beta version of Final Fantasy XIV, the computer freezes on me. I know my video card meets the minimum system requirements, so I’m at a bit of a loss here.” What. We later found out she has two accounts on FFXI which she plays side-by-side on her gaming laptop.



1. Zach - October 27, 2010

that last one seems like your type

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