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Let’s Make a Game: Vegetable Launch Detected April 7, 2014

Posted by eric22222 in Game Development, General.

If anyone can recommend any other free screen cap software to try, I’m all ears. CamStudio is the first I’ve tried that doesn’t slap a watermark over everything, but the capture seems a little choppy. Still, now we can have video snippets!



1. usclaireforce - April 8, 2014

I see you’ve got aiming mechanics down! What types of enemies do you plan on having in your game?

eric22222 - April 8, 2014

Haven’t really thought a ton on what will actually be on the receiving end of the carrot barrage, but it will likely be the usual level-themed mooks like bats and spiders. I think the real deciding factor is going to be what I’m able to actually draw.

I’ll be posting about the first test enemy in the next day or so.

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