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Let’s Make a Game: Physics! April 20, 2014

Posted by eric22222 in Game Development, General.

As part of my graphics upgrading, I added lots of nice new frames for our nameless rabbit hero. I started piecing them together for a better walking (hopping) animation, then started getting ideas for some other fun movement tweaks. Check it out!

First up, sliding. When the player tries to change direction, they’ll get a split second of sliding to a halt before they can turn.

Short hops have been added to improve jumping. Previously, every jump was the same height, but now you can release the jump button to stop mid-jump.

Wall jumping is a fun addition. If the player is moving down and is flush with the wall they’re facing, hitting the jump button will trigger a wall jump. Currently these can be chained indefinitely.

For another jump tweak, I added a sort of ear flap maneuver. If the player holds the jump button while falling down, it will slow the bunny’s descent. This seems a bit over-powered for basic play, so I might make it some kind of upgrade to be earned partway through the game.

Lastly, and unrelated to the game physics, I changed how the camera operates. I’m not sure if there’s a name for it, but it’s a sort of “lazy camera” approach. The camera has a target position determined by the player’s position and velocity, then moves towards it. It actually makes a lot of difference when moving around, and gives the game a smoother feel.

I’ve got a big, fun feature that will add a lot of interesting options for level design, so I’ll talk about that next time.



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