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About Me

Well, my name’s Eric, in case you didn’t notice the title. First and foremost, I’m a Christian living through Jesus. Through that hope, I’m the enjoyable, optimistic, funny guy you know (or don’t, if we haven’t met). I’m the lucky husband of an amazing woman who manages to appreciate my nerdiness.

I’m a professional programmer, an avid gamer since the days of the NES, sci-fi/fantasy geek, former Dungeons & Dragons player, hobbyist game developer, musical instrument collector, and the proud owner of two gerbils.

I work mostly in VB and C#, though I also do HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Apex. In my home projects, I work in C# and Python.

You can e-mail me at erictdobbs (at) gmail (dot) com.

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1. Tammy - May 9, 2006

Um…what are you doing?? Weird, but that’s Eric!
Love ya!

2. stephanie - January 25, 2010

you look so young in this upside down picture.
i vote that you re-enact in your new age…and post it.

3. Marcus Hays - November 26, 2012


I would like to license your Pi image for use on a web site and other sales and marketing literature related to an electric bicycle product called the “PiCycle.”

Marcus Hays

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