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Side Projects

Here I’ll try to catalogue all of the things that keep me busy, whether or not I’m still working on them. This page is still being worked on, so if you notice something missing, leave me a comment or send me an e-mail.

Skills to learn

Basic circuitry
Adobe Flash
Hammer Map Editor

Program writing

A program I’d like to write


This was a video game I worked on since early in 2006. Not sure when exactly. Maybe it was December 2005. It was finished in May 2006. I used the Scrolling Game Development Kit to make it, using original graphics, music, and level design. Essentially, I did this one on my own.

Current status: Finished! It is possible that I may add a bit to the game, but not anytime soon. The game is available for download right here.

Gamers for Christ

Summer 2010, I joined a group of gamers. This was my application.

That game Adam and were working on (not the tentative title)

Adam and I have taken on an enormous project. I would be so happy if we finish this. Adam’s doing graphics and I’m on music. Everything else is a joint effort. I’ve been learning visual basic scripting to try and make things easier, but that’s been going slowly. Nonetheless, I’m really excited about this one.

Current status: Gone.

My SketchbookSketch

During my second year of architecture, I started drawing whatever came to mind when I picked up my pencil. It was great practice for drawing things that I wasn’t looking at, or weren’t even possible, which is much harder than drawing something you can see. I think it did wonders for my shading and whatnot.

Current status: Back in action! I’ve gotten back into the sketching groove, so click here to see my latest sketches.

The Epic Adventures of Zach Amazing

Yes, as it turns out, Zach is actually a secret agent, flying around in jets and infiltrating the complexes and hideouts of cliche’ villains the world over. Starting in April 2005, I began this project to improve my writing abilities. Reading through some of the posts, you can tell it may not have helped that much.

Current status: Nope.

Harmon (tentative title)

This was the first game I worked on to learn the SGDK software. The graphics are very simple and have a certain bright, cartoony look. I enjoyed working on it, but I haven’t worked on it since I started on the joint project between Adam and I.

Current status: Dead.


Currently just a demo, this project was used to learn how to use RPG Maker. I also managed to get some practice with photoshop. I really like doing this project, but it takes a really long time to make any progress…

Current status: Gone forever. With the length I originally planned, this would take way too much time to make a pretty underwhelming game.

The CSC Card Game

Originally, this was going to be a board game, but the board got phased out as it was developed. The premise is that you “invite” people to the CSC (put their card down). That requires some sort of coaxing with food. You then play class cards on the card to work that person up through graduation. The rules got really complicated after a while.

Current status: Out of the running. Sorry guys, but I don’t think I’m going to go through with this one.



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