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Each character is controlled by one of the players (referred to as PCs, or player characters). The players can have their characters represent themselves, though the character could be entirely different from its player. Keep that in mind: the characters’ actions are not necessarily choices the players would make in the same situation. I’ll update each character’s profile as more information is provided. As of now, they have very little backstory.

Jim (Adam W.)
Human Sorcerer
An extremely impulsive character, Jim will often make a situation worse rather than better. He has the typical look of a dark sorcerer, but with a malnourished appearance. His cheeks are sunken into his face, giving his face a skeletal look, and his pale complexion only adds to the image.
Jim stands out as being the only character to have been introduced to the party in-game. His opening story was that he was short on money at the tavern in Remnas and tried to sneak out. A brawl broke out between him and, well, the rest of the bar. Casting spells was his only real defense, but a stray one hit a barrel… As we all know, if a barrel catches on fire, the contents are guaranteed to be explosive. There were no deaths, but the building was destroyed. [This is about where Epona walked in at the start of session 21.] To pay for his crimes, Jim was sent on a near-suicidal member with the adventuring party. After their success, Jim sort of just stuck around, like an annoying song in your head.

Arya (Sashsa)
Arya has no backstory at all, or even any identifiable character traits. Until Sashsa decides to flesh out her character, we’ll assume she popped into existence around session 5 and never really existed until then.

Epona (Elizabeth)
Elven Cleric
Epona is the godly healer. Her form of magic is from divine favor. She is sometimes the voice of reason, trying to keep peace between her teammates.

Gante Faran Eros (Jonathan)
Half-Elven Paladin
Gante is the crusader, the holy warrior. He has some magical abilities, not unlike Epona’s. He is most powerful in close range combat.

Kerwyn (Will)
Human Rogue
Kerwyn is the dexterous of the team. His stealth is his most well-used weapon, second only to his rapier. He uses whatever tools he can to achieve his goals.

Gwindaldorf (or Niamah) (Tammy)
Half-Elven Bard
Bards use music to cast powerful spells and encourage their allies. Gwindaldorf plays the lute, and uses her abilities to enhance the team’s attacks.

Glod (Adam F.)
Gnomish Wizard (Illusionist)
Glod is well studied in many forms of magic, though he specializes in illusions. He is extremely clever and always looks for new ways to use familiar spells.
Glod is a student of a university of magic, nearly graduated. He is currently doing a sort of thesis, attempting to prove that illusions are in no way an inferior form of magic. He traveled to Kendra, seeking adventures where he could test his spells.

Rakhshanl (Brad)
[Retired character]
Half-Elven Druid
Rakhshanl has a great deal of respect for nature, and sees himself as its protector. His hawk Beaker accompanies him on adventures.

Durane (Matt)
[Retired character, Matt no longer lives in Knoxville]
Dwarven Monk
Durane uses martial arts against his enemies, striking with speed and power. Dwarves are not known for agility, but Durane shatters these notions.

Quarion Siannodel (Mike)
[Retired character]
Elven Ranger
Quarion has deadly accuracy with a bow, but his temper is short. He refuses to work with those who would break the laws of the land.

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