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No story can go without a setting. This campaign takes place on the island of Kendra. For comparison’s sake, Tennessee is about the same distance from North to South (~100 miles). The country is somewhat small in population as well, having only about 220,000 humanoid inhabitants. Humans are by far the most common on the island, followed by the dwarves, who have several settlements in the mountains. Elves are uncommon, as are the other standard D&D races. The soil is good for agriculture, the forests are healthy, and the surrounding waters are full of fish. Kendra is rich in resources, though it is not at all a rich country: several debts are still being paid off from the war in Kendra some 60 years ago. An army of monsters (mostly goblins) was rallied in the country, and attempted to gain contol of it. Though now under war debts, the country was defended, and the goblins scattered and went into hiding. The capitol city is Remnas, and the characters started their adventures is Karkin. The labeled cities are only the largest or the most important to the campaign.


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I think islands are the best starting places for campaigns: with only a few areas fleshed out, you can have several adventures prepared without having to worry about the players running outside your set boundaries. Kendra has all the basic landscapes anyone could need for a varied campaign: forests, mountains, lakes, swamps, etc.

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