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Session 10

Players: Gante (Jon), Epona (Elizabeth), Glod (Adam), Arya (Sashsa), and Kerwyn (Will)

9th of Suncrest

Back in Celes, Glod finishes summoning a familiar. The team goes around, buying equipment and whatnot.

10th of Suncrest

They set out for Karkin that morning. They make it back to Karkin and talk to Marlak. He had assumed they died almost a week ago at the mountain shrine. He examines the gems and explains a bit about the statue in the mountain. Sir Hanan was a paladin in life, and was familiar with this obscure form of travel. Sanctuaries were built in distant locations and were only accessible by these statues, which were kept in churches. Those seeking refuge would be safe, hundreds of miles away. Sir Hanan, by moving a statue to an isolated shrine, had created an architectural treasure chest, locked with the gems.

11th of Suncrest

The team heads back up the mountain, finding their way back to the shrine. They stick the gems into the statue’s eye sockets. The gems shine brightly. The room is illuminated with a pale green light as the garnets slowly turn, focusing toward the opposite wall. The wall starts to shine with the same light as the gems. An elliptical door forms, not looking too different from a normal door, though this one is formed of light rather than lumber. The door opens. Nothing is visible beyond it, aside from a near-tangible light. They walk in. A moment later, they step through the other end of the portal.


The air here is noticeably cooler. At first glance, this appears to be some sort of cathedral. They’re in a large central section which extends up about fifty feet to the rafters and vaulted ceiling. Directly in front of them is a large stone door with several suns etched into the surface. To the left and right, the ceiling is a normal height. Light streams in from the large windows in the walls. Gante inspects the stone door. It’s heavily decorated with etchings of suns. The center has two sockets, similar to the statue that got them here. Kerwyn looks out the window. He sees that this place is in a mountain range, but definitely not the mountains they were in a moment ago. The peaks are all capped with snow, and there’s no sign of cities or roads. They decide to check out the wooden door on the right first.


A set of stairs leads down below. They walk down into a chamber of three more doors. They pick randomly and wind up in a mess hall. At the end of it they find a kitchen. Nothing of note here, except that the stove was lit. Gante is a bit suspicious of it. After some debate, they decide to open it up anyway. Glod notices a bit too late the magical seal on the oven door. A small fire elemental spills out onto the floor. Kerwyn fires and misses. Glod hits it with a ray of frost, and Epona creates water above it. Kerwyn shoots again, hitting it. It sizzles into nothingness. They search the room, find nothing, and move on.

They find a storage room, stacked high with chairs, tables, bed mats, and barrels. They search through the stuff, but find nothing of interest. Epona, the only elf that came along, finds a secret door behind the junk. Inside, they find gold, a few garnets, and a flask of holy water.

They go inside the final room on this floor. This room is lined with bookcases. A few tables are in the room, covered with books. Around the corner, there are about a dozen human-sized statues of varying designs. On the table is another garnet. The party is understandably suspicious. Kerwyn fails to see any traps around the table. They decide to try pushing the statues over first. They manage to get the gem without any trouble.


On the second floor, they find a large, square room. It has two life-sized, faceless statues of soldiers or knights standing on either side of what appears to be a magical barrier. The wall where the statues are is of a different type of stone, and doesn’t properly connect to the other walls. It’s clear that this wall was added some time after the building was complete. As they enter the room, the statues draw their large stone swords and begin a slow march in their direction. They’re easy to hit, but tough to damage. Slowly, the team takes them down. The statues crumble to a pile of rubble on the floor. From their stone helmets, an orb of pale green light emerges and merges with the barrier. The light from them grows intense for a moment, then fades. The barrier is gone.

They walk through the door to the next room. This room has a large mass of beds and sleeping mats pushed into the corner. The floor is covered with an ornate rug. Across the room, a hallway curves around to the right. Glod and Gante search the beds and find nothing. Epona looks around the walls, still nothing. Kerwyn checks the carpet and finds a pit trap. They decide to leave it, hoping to use it to their advantage.

They walk through the hall. One board of the floor sinks down. They hear a series of gears turning, followed by a few seconds of creaking coming from behind the wall. A set of axes emerge from the wall, but stop halfway down. They figure this place is pretty old. To be safe, they break the axes off the wooden handles. Good thing too, since one handle finishes its swing.

In the next room, a large section of the floor is broken away, leaving the supports visible. Across the gap lies another set of beds and mats. Near the beds is a ladder that ends at a hatch in the ceiling. They spend some time trying to come up with a plan. They decide to pry off some doors and make a sort of bridge. Carefully, they make their way across. Gante tosses across his shield (dropping it the first time) before walking the bridge. They walk over to the ladder and check for traps. Everything checks out, so Kerwyn heads up.

At the top of the ladder, the rafters are visible along with the entrance some 30 feet below. Directly above the large door below is a garnet. Luckily for them, Glod’s new familiar has wings. He scratches the gem out of the wall and returns it to his master. On their way back across, Gante and Epona fall down to the first floor but heal each other. They decide to meet back with Marlak before doing anything else.

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