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Session 11

Players: Gante (Jon), Epona (Elizabeth), Glod (Adam), and Kerwyn (Will)

12th of Suncrest

The sun rises slowly over Karkin. Dawn breaks over the western peaks where the portal awaits. The team packs up and heads out on the long road. They make their way down the dusty path and up the rocky foothills, finally arriving at the ancient shrine. They reinsert the gem, and the portal appears, just like last time.

They place the gems in the stone wall. The gems fit perfectly into the door. The etchings of suns begin glowing. Slowly, the doors begin opening in. Beyond is an enormous room. There are no windows nor light sources, yet the room is well-lit. On a slightly raised, circular platform is another statue. This one, however, has a face carved beneath its helmet. The team is uncomfortable with it, so they toss a rock at it. The statue doesn’t do anything. Gante steps up, and the statue, like the others, is animated.

The battle that ensues is more than the party expected. The statue moves unusually fast, and employs impressive sword maneuvers. Glod and Epona use their magic while Gante takes most of the damage. Kerwyn has a tough time breaking through rock armor but manages to deal some damage. Glod combines grease and burning hands in hopes of some extra damage, but finds that stone doesn’t burn easily. Eventually, the statue falls backwards, its sword piercing the floor. The platform begins glowing, emitting a pale green light below. A set of runes on the floor glow brighter. The light begins to focus to the center of the platform, become almost a solid block of light. The light abruptly ceases. In the center of the platform, a small object is suspended in mid-air. It’s a small hexagonal stone, about two inches to a side. There is a sun etched in the face.

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