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Session 13

 Players: Gante (Jon), Epona (Elizabeth), Glod (Adam), and Kerwyn (Will)

12th of Suncrest

They walk into the dark hallway, illuminated only be Kerwyn’s torch and the occasional flash of lightning from outside. Deep inside, it opens up into a large chamber, about one hundred feet to a side. Four massive columns support the ceiling. There is a stone door on each wall. Marlak leads the way, testing the ground with his staff. He stops just short of where the columns start. He advises they walk around. Marlak attempts to open the heavy stone door. He steps back and asks if someone else would give it a push. Glod swings the door open, revealing another hall beyond. Marlak recognizes there is a near-invisible wall of magical force just beyond the door and begins attempting to dispel it. As soon as the wall is gone, a bat flies out and toward the hall they came from. Shortly afterwards, a crossbow bolt flies in from the entrance towards them. The team readies themselves for battle, but can’t see through all the darkness. Kerwyn holding the torch, runs around the room illuminating three goblins. Marlak casts scare on the goblins, causing two to flee. Kerwyn finishes off the stronger remaining one. As they head into the unexplored hallway, the same bat flies in ahead of them.

This is hall is carved with more detail. A few inscriptions are on the walls. The long stone hall ends in a stone chamber furnished only with cracked, moldering tables on which lie rusted implements of iron. Rain falls into the middle of the room from a shaft in the ceiling that must run all the way to the top of the hill. From the bottom of the shaft dangles a rope, swinging slightly. While they examine the room, a pair of hobgoblins come in. They dispatch the two easily. Another hallway is in front of them, and they can see a bit of light from the end of it. Kerwyn sneaks in to get a look.

Inside, a goblin wearing a red cloak is chanting in front of a standing sarcophagus. There are two bugbears in the room holding axes, and a few other goblins. Most of them are standing around the red-cloaked goblin, except for one wearing dark blue. He’s leaning against a wall and has a bat on his shoulder. Kerwyn sneaks back to tell the team what all he saw. They decide to take out the red and blue cloaked goblins first. Kerwyn sneaks back to the edge of the hall and takes his shot. He hurts the blue one, but he survives the blow. Epona uses sound burst to defeat two goblins and damage another. Glod uses a magic missile to defeat the blue-cloaked goblin. However, the surviving goblin rushes over to administer a cure potion. A well-aimed crossbow bolt kills him, but the potion has already taken effect. The goblin is revived amd rushes over to the red-cloaked goblin. They kill the bugbears, but find that the goblin is behind another wall of force. Eventually they kill the blue-cloaked goblin, but the other downs a potion and vanishes. Glod and Marlak stand in the doorway, in case the goblin tries to escape invisibly.

As expected, the sarcophagus opens, and an undead emerges. Gante steps forward to face it. Marlak helps with support spells, giving him a layer of magical defense. It comes in handy, since the creature’s attacks are powerful. Gante dodges most, but one hit convinces him to back up for healing. Glod strikes the finishing blow with a precise shot from his crossbow.

Gante uses detect evil to try and see where the goblin is. They find that bat, hiding in the ceiling. Glod’s familiar Quoth takes care of it. Gante finds that something is near the sarcophagus. They approach it, but hear a bat flying off. They can’t see it, so they deduce that the goblin used polymorph after vanishing, escaping despite their best efforts. Marlak suggests they head back in to town for lunch, since they seem to have stopped whatever was going on.

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