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Session 16

Players: Gante (Jon), Epona (Elizabeth), Glod (Adam), and Kerwyn (Will)

13th of Suncrest

The team brings the men back to Hillport, where they’re brought in for care. They meet back with Marlak, who congratulates them on a job well done. Within a few hours, they can see the town of Karkin over the horizon. Outside Marlak’s house, they see a messenger boy. He looks like he was awaiting their return. “Hello, lad. Is that a letter you’ve got for me, there?”
The boy shakes his head. “Not quite, sir. It’s for them.”

Greetings adventurers,
I have been seeking help from adventurers who meet specific qualifications. I’d like for you to meet me at my home in Celes. More details of the job will be presented then.
-Ordim Drasse

A set of directions to a house in Celes are attached to the letter. The team heads there with the remaining daylight hours. They find the house quickly. A few well-kept trees dot the lawn in front, obscuring their view of the grand house. The house could more accurately be described as a manor. It has wide windows across the front and a tall door. A dark-haired man answers the door. He looks you over once before speaking: “Ah, the adventurers from Karkin. Mr. Drasse is waiting for you. Please, come in.” The man leads them to a sitting room.

In the large room, a tall man with matted, brown hair is looking out a window. He turns around slowly. “Hello.” He pauses for a moment, then proceeds with his introduction. It sounds as though he prepared for this meeting: “My name is Ordim. I’m in need of your services. A few days ago, I contracted an affliction, a disease of sorts, which I wish to be cured of. In town, an old healer gives potions to cure this ailment, though only after retrieving one of the components. Though I could probably get the ingredients myself, I cannot ask her for the cure… I do not wish to let the city know my disease. The healer is well-known, and I can’t risk being seen going there.” He explains he’s suffering from lycanthropy, better known as a werewolf’s bite. The team, wanting more details, is informed that Drasse was hunting in the woods when he was attacked. Being a werewolf doesn’t do any good for public relations, so the team agrees they’ll get the cure for them. Drasse also tells them one of the reasons they were hired: “The healer has a made a point that anyone wishing to be healed must go there themselves. She has… certain security to ensure it stays that way. When telling the disease, she can tell if someone is lying. Only a strong will can resist the effect.”

At the end of a road near the market, they find the healer’s home. It’s right in the middle of town, surrounded by other houses. The sounds from the market are still drifting over the rooftops. The sun is now over the horizon, and twilight has arrived. Glod decides to try to get the cure, having the strongest will. An old woman with unkempt gray hair opens the door. “Yes, whaddya want?” She speaks quickly. Before he has opportunity to answer, she speaks again: “Here for a cure, are ya? Well, come in, come in.” Inside, the room is cluttered with papers and vials. An old cauldron is in the corner, slowly bubbling with a colorless (but not clear) liquid. The woman digs around in some of the papers and retrieves a large quill and a blank page. “Write down whatever it is that’s ailing you. I’ll check my stocks.”

Glod becomes aware that he can not knowingly write a lie on the page. He can’t manage to resist the effects, but comes up with a solution, nonetheless. He writes out the situation in Gnomish, a fairly obscure language. The healer, seeing it, asks if he’s able to write in Common. As he speaks, he lays a thick accent into his words. “I’m very sorry miz, but I can only speak it…back home in the mountains we didn’t get many tall folk… My parents never held with foreign learning, but I wanted to get away, see the world.” The healer begins to get impatient. She asks what exactly he’s suffering from. He pays her no mind and keeps talking: “I left home, you see, up in the mountains. I heard about this wonderful city from traders, and came here to see it, but I got lost in the woods along the way. Some vicious beast attacked me; I felt lucky to survive, at first…”
“Out with it, already!”
Glod finally spells out that it’s lycanthropy. She swings open cabinet doors, taking note of her inventory. “Looks like… yes, you’ll get your cure in exchange for some belladonna. It’s a plant you’ll find in the swamps out east. I’ll lend you a map. Bring the plant and you’ll get your cure. Off ya go, then. You’d best hurry.” She shoves an old map in his hand and shoves him out the door. Glod has a good laugh about it and tells the rest of the team what happened. He shows them the map. It’s late, so they decide to rest for the night before going to Temerston.

14th of Suncrest

Early in the morning, they start the long trek to the swamp. The town of Temerston appears over the horizon. It’s small, mainly due to its isolated location, but remains active from a source of unusual resources in the swamp. The buildings are spread out, and they can see the road to the swamp at the other end of town. Gante asks around for information and learns crocodiles are common in the marsh. The landscape slowly changes as the road moves towards the swamp. The air is more humid, and insects are more common. Trees become more dense around them, and the road’s end comes into view ahead, punctuated by an old wooden bridge. They find the bridge on the map and send Quoth to check for the belladonna. He flies over, but the plant has been taken. He tells them there were some unusual tracks leading from the tree. The team cautiously crosses the bridges to where the plant should be. They find a set of tracks leading to another island. With no bridge, the team is forced to jump across. None of them are able to make the distance, but the water is shallow. They crawl out and examine the island. The tracks keep moving south. A tree has fallen from the next island to this one, making a sort of bridge.

The team is about to cross on it, but they notice a massive snake hiding in the fallen branches. It hisses menacingly. They decide to slay the snake to pass. Glod makes use of his new flaming sphere spell, setting the branches on fire. The rest engage the snake at close range. Gante is bitten, but doesn’t succumb to poison. The snake attempts to flee from its burning lair, but dies escaping. Epona creates a blanket of water to extinguish the bridge, then the adventurers carefully makes their way across. Epona falls in halfway across and rushes to land, keeping an eye out for crocodiles. They make it safely and find the tracks end in some brush. Kerwyn investigates, but is surprised by a powerful electrical shock. He’s knocked backwards by the blow. Epona sends a sound burst to the area, not sure what’s inside. Gante blindly swings his sword through the plants, striking something within. Two small, blue lizards emerge. They growl at the team and unleash a powerful pulse of electricity. Gante is badly damaged by the shock (and left with his hair standing on end), but Kerwyn evades any damage. Glod fires magic missles at them, killing one. Epona kills the other. With the battle over, the examine the tracks again. They see some leading to a tree, so they investigate. Glod peers inside and finds a nest of lizard eggs made of some leafy plants. He identifies them as the belladonna they need. They walk back to Temerston.

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