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Session 17

Players: Gante (Jon), Epona (Elizabeth), Glod (Adam), and Kerwyn (Will)

14th of Suncrest

With the belladonna in hand, the team heads back to Celes. They arrive before sunset, so Glod goes to the healer so she can begin making the potion. Remembering how longwinded the gnome is, she’s quick to grab the plant and get him out of her hair. She says he can come back in the morning for the cure. The party decides they can cash in on the free meal they were promised by Gendrew a week earlier. The arrive at his restaurant, the Crystal Hall. Through the pair of large wooden doors, they’re met by a short, balding man. He looks them over with a bit of disgust and, as if remembering something, holds his tongue. They introduce themselves, and the man’s suspicions are confirmed: “Ah, the adventurers. As promised, your meal is free, in thanks for rescuing our head chef.” he says, somewhat reluctantly. Gendrew bursts out of the kitchen, excited to see them again. They make small talk for a bit, joking about the moster they saved him from. He goes back to the kitchen, returning half an hour later with a spread of fish, poultry, beef, and bread. They fill up on the food, and thank Gendrew for the meal. On the way out, Gante hands the short man at the door two silver for putting up with them.

They go back to the Riverside Inn for the night, and run into an old friend. Anvil is at the bar, looking a bit down. He perks up when he sees his old friends. They exchange greetings. The conversation slowly moves towards Anvil’s trouble: the Hall of the Dwarven Lord has fallen to hobgoblins. Anvil explains that he’s bound to keep doing his job unless ordered otherwise. The team agrees to go investigate after helping Mr. Drasse.

15th of Suncrest

In the morning, Glod and Gante go to Torvus the metalworker to get some silver bolts made, just in case things don’t go well. Meanwhile, Glod retrieves the potion from the healer. Shortly before noon, with silver bolts, the team goes to the Drasse estate. They’re ushered in, where Ordim cautiosly drinks the potion. He brings out a chest of gold and silver coins as a reward.

Around noon, the team meets with Anvil. He explains the basics of the Hall, that it’s completely underground aside from a small tower marking its location. He also mentions that Horatio and Kayla, his fellow merchants, have a few magic items for sale. Epona buys a darkwood shield which incurs no armor check penalty. After Gante picks up the silver dagger he asked for in the morning, they make their way to the Hall of the Dwarven Lord.

They find the tower that Anvil mentioned without much trouble (he’d given them directions) but it looks like something has partially destroyed it. Charred stone rubble lies scattered about, and great scorch marks are all over the area. They find a trapdoor beneath the rubble leading down to the Hall. Gante attempts to lift the door, but finds it too heavy. Glod gets it open with his crowbar, shaming the paladin. After they open the trapdoor, they see a set of stone steps leading down to the floors below. A single torch smolders in a sconce set on the far wall, dimly illuminating the room. Tapestries hanging from the walls show pictures of dwarves defeating goblins in a battle. They see a dwarf peering through the door. He quickly closes it. Gante calls out to him. After explaining that there here to kill the goblins, the dwarf says they can enter.

The furniture in this next room has been stacked against a door across the room. Two tired-looking dwarves are standing in the middle of the room, pointing their crossbows at you. “You say you’re here to help us kill the goblins?” they ask. The team explains that they’re here to help. They get as much information as they can out of the dwarf. He tells them the goblins got in through a very small air shaft. He also tells them that the tower was destroyed by a dragon, which surprises the team. They toss around the idea of trying to get through the air vent, but decide to go in by the front door. The dwarves remove the barricade, and the team lights a torch and walks into the Hall.

Inside, the see a few hallways and one door. The door is ajar, and Kerwyn spots a goblin inside. He sneaks up to the door, and sees more inside, so the team prepares for combat. They find a total of four goblins to fight in tight quarters. The last one calls for help before being struck down by Gante, so the team prepares for reinforcements. Two hobgoblins barge in, but the team defeats them easily. In the next room, another pair of hobgoblins is preparing for battle. The team runs in to engage them and barely suffer any hits. This large room appears to have once been used by the lord of the dwarven stronghold to receive visitors. The room now is only a depressing reminder of its former grandeur. Torn and filthy tapestries hang from the walls, which are streaked with blood and filth. An overturned throne lies against one wall, its cushion torn to pieces. Epona and Kerwyn find some gold on the goblins and hobgoblins, and Epona also finds a secret door.

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