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Session 18

Players: Gante (Jon), Epona (Elizabeth), Glod (Adam), and Kerwyn (Will)

15th of Suncrest

Kerwyn checks the secret door for traps. He finds none, so the team heads in. This room looks like it was once a fine dwarven bedchamber. However, it’s now a mess, with torn clothes and shredded books scattered around the room. Even the bed has been torn apart. Now it is little more than a large pile of dirty fragments of cloth. Lounging in the remnants of the bed is a huge, hairy creature. Standing near it and holding trays of raw meat are two timid-looking goblins that tremble as they open the door. Glod starts the battle with a color spray which knocks the goblins out and leaves the bugbear stunned. He calls for help as he’s backed into the corner and uses a few healing spells to buy some time. Four goblins arrive to help, but are surprised when Epona unleashes a sound burst on them. Most are killed by the sonic force. The bugbear uses an inflict spell on Gante, but the effects aren’t too bad. Gante gets his revenge by running the beast through. With the bugbear out of the way, Kerwyn defeats the last goblin. The search the bodies and find from the bugbear’s belongings that he’s some sort of cleric. Epona finds a potion under the bed along with a signet ring bearing the dwarven insignia.

The team moves on to the next room. Before the hobgoblins took over, this must have been a finely decorated dining hall. But now the tables are shattered into pieces, and garbage lies strewn about the floor. Shredded tapestries lie in piles on the floor. Two other doors lead out of this large chamber. Gante thinks the southern door leads back to the room where they found the secret door, but wants to be sure. He checks it out, but it’s a new room. A large table and several chairs are pushed against one wall. A door is set in the opposite wall, leading to the room Gante was thinking of. Scattered around the floor are four pules of shredded tapestries and clothing being used as beds by sleeping hobgoblins. They’re sleeping in their armor, and their swords and shields lie near them. Kerwyn tries to sneak into the room, but one misstep wakes the hobgoblins up. The ensuing battle is not in the team’s favor, as Kerwyn and Epona both fumble their weapons. After defeating the hobgoblins, Kerwyn reclaims his rapier with a sour, embarrassed look, then searches the bodies.

Through the unchecked door, the party finds another hallway. They have several choices of where to go, passing several doors, but eventually choose a door to check. This storeroom has been thoroughly ransacked. Broken barrels and crates litter the floor, and the smell of spoiled foor is strong. The party finds nothing of interest, so they return to the hall. They find their way to the hallway where they came in, making sure they have their bearings. The find another door and check it out. This room has a long table in the center, flanked by a pair of long benches. Twelve place settings (plate, cup, and silverware) still lie on the table undisturbed. The southern door has a small hole chewed at the bottom, and dog-sized tracks of white powder are all around the hole. They move through the southern door. This room looks like a kitchen, though it would take a lot of tidying up for it to be usable again. A worn table stands in the center of the room. Pots and pans are strewn about, utensils are scattered across the floor, and a dusting of white powder coats the floor. Gante goes to investigate, but is surprised by a trio of dire rats. They defeat them easily.

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