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Session 19

Players: Gante (Jon), Epona (Elizabeth), Glod (Adam), Kerwyn (Will), Gwindaldorf (Tammy), and Kalathas (Chip)

[This is the first session not done over the internet in a while. It was a big adjustment, and I lost a lot of tools that I had used over the summer.]

15th of Suncrest

After exterminating the dire rats in the kitchen, the team checks the doors. One is locked, so Kerwyn picks the lock to see what’s inside. They find a small well with a bucket nearby. Gante takes a sip of the water to see if it’s safe to drink. He discovers that it’s not only safe to drink, but also has some healing properties. Everyone gets a drink of the water before moving on. They find several rooms lined with beds, most of them ransacked. Continuing through the halls, they find evidence of a battle. A few corpses of dwarves and hobgoblins are on the floor. The dwarves seem to have been protecting this passage. Across the room is a closed door with several scratches on it. The hobgoblins must have tried to break it down, but couldn’t get through. The team inspects the door, but finds that near the handle, there’s no lock or even any visible hinges. While Gante and Kerwyn attempt to break the door down, Kalathas searches the room and finds some playing cards. He spends a few minutes trying to find them all. The rest of the group searches the room, but doesn’t find much of value. The door doesn’t budge, so they eventually give up on trying to get through it.

They find another ransacked room, this one with a door at the other end. Kalathas turns the old handle. He first discovers that the door is locked. Within a second, he discovers it’s also trapped. Flames burst from the ceiling over the door. Kalathas is badly wounded, but had filled his waterskin with the healing water. The team uses it to heal him. He’s shaken, so Kerwyn, the other rogue, works on disabling the trap. He jams the trigger and proceeds to picking the lock. He succeeds, and the team goes through.

Inside they find an armory. Dwarven weapons and armor hang from the walls along with evidence that there are usually more in this room. Searching the room carefully, a hidden door is discovered. Part of the stone wall pushes back into another room. Here, papers lie scattered about the floor by a desk. An old bed sits in one corner of the room where a strange panther-like creature is lying. The creature opens one eye and slowly stands up. From its back extend two long tentacles. The beast strikes with its tentacles using deadly accuracy. The team finds it difficult to hit: the creature uses an illusion to make itself appear a few feet away. Gante tries to block the door and protect the team while the spellcasters fire spells at the beast. They find that it may be more than they can handle and retreat through the armory. The shut the door behind them.

They’re badly wounded and low on spells. They decide to rest for the night in one of the rooms. Before doing so, Kerwyn wants to check the rest of the hall for goblins. Glod casts invisibility on him allowing him to explore easily. He still has the torch, so his location can be discerned, but he decides he’ll drop it and run if he gets into trouble. He finds that there are few rooms left to check. In his exploration, he finds the air vent mentioned earlier and one room where the sounds of goblins arguing can be heard. He carefully opens the door to peek inside, but the goblins notice. Not seeing anyone outside they run out to investigate, but Kerwyn has already snuck away, leaving the torch extinguished. It’s still early in the afternoon as best the team can tell, so they pass the time with the deck of cards Kalathas found. Once the team tires out, they push the bunks against the door and get some sleep.

16th of Suncrest

The team can’t tell if the sun has risen yet, but they go ahead and don their armor in preparation for the day’s task. Gante lights his lamp and the team reenters the passages of the Hall of the Dwarven Lord. They first head for the room where Kerwyn had earlier found goblins. It seems they’re still in the room. The team bursts in and defeats the goblins quickly. The room looks like a forge, complete with anvils. There’s one door around the corner which the goblins seemed to be arguing about. Gante opens the door carefully to see what they were so concerned over. Inside a small, L-shaped passage, a dead goblin is on the floor with a crossbow bolt protruding from one eye. Gante assumes there’s a trap around the corner, but can’t what would trigger it. He raises his sheild and carefully peers around the corner. He gets a quick look at a dwarf with a crossbow, then swiftly raises his shield. There’s a solid “thud” as the bolt sticks into his wooden shield. The dwarf immediately apologizes for firing. He’s twitchy and looks like he hasn’t slept in days. Gante tells him in advance of his friends in the forge, just to make sure there’s no more surprises.

The dwarf walks in to a sparsely decorated chamber that appears to be living quarters for a dwarf. In one corner is a bed with a sleeping dwarf in it. A second dwarf stands near the sleeping one, holding a damp rag to the sleeping dwarf’s forehead. A table and two chairs sit in the middle of the room. The first dwarf they met is still holding his crossbow, but isn’t pointing it at anyone. He explains that the one in the bed is their lord, and he’s fallen comatose from the goblin’s poison. They’ve been caring for him for days while they guarded the room from the intruders. The party escorts the dwarves back to the entrance where the guards are amazed to see them; they had been taken for dead after the first night. The dwarves from the forge explain that they need to take their lord to Remnas as quickly as they can. The group agrees to go with them.

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