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Session 20

Players: Gante (Jon), Epona (Elizabeth), Glod (Adam), and Kalathas (Chip)

16th of Suncrest

The group finds there way out of the Hall of the Dwarven Lord. The comatose leader is being carried by the two dwarves who have been protecting him for days. Along the road to Remnas, the capital of Kendra, a few bandits attack, but are no match for the warriors. Within a few hours, the city can be seen on the horizon. The terrain surrounding it is mostly flat plains, with few points of interest. The group notices an old castle just north of the city, but nothing else around. The city has only a few buildings that tower over the two-story average. Surrounding the city is a wall, dotted with towers. The craftsmanship is poor, but it’d be effective in preventing entry of unwanted visitors. The group is met with a pair of guards. The dwarves explain the situation to them, and they’re all allowed entry. Through the streets, the dwarves lead the way to a rather unimpressive building.

[This building has become the sort of base of operations for Kendra since the castle was lost in the last war. Due to Kendra’s war debts, no new castle has been built since.]

Through the corridors, the dwarves make their way to a specific room. Inside, two men are standing over a table with a few maps laid out over its surface. The taller of the two has brown hair and a permanently stressed appearance. The other is wearing armor and a red beard. The group explains the events that occurred at the Hall to the men. The taller man (later introduced as Lord Stravin) is crushed by the news. He collapses in a nearby chair and lets out a long sigh. He explains that several attacks have been taking place all over Kendra. The Dwarven Hall is perhaps the worst loss yet. Lord Stravin offers the team room and board for the night. Before nightfall, the they take advantage of the cities markets and shops, stocking up on supplies.

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