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Session 23

Players: Gante (Jon), Epona (Elizabeth), Kerwyn (Will), Arya (Sashsa) and Jim (other Adam)

17th of Suncrest

Epona quickly looks at the other guard towers. A crossbow bolt had just flown by Jim, probably fired by the goblins’ marksman. She spots a figure on the northeastern tower. The team wants to fight, but have no way of attacking their distant foe. Gante is struck with a bolt as everyone prepares to defend themselves. The sound of a trumpet blast drifts down from the tower, followed by another bolt. This one is not aimed at anyone, but merely strikes the ground near the team. On contact with the ground, a ray of light flashes out, giving away their position to the goblins in the courtyard. Knowing it won’t be long before a small army finds them, they duck through a nearby door. Jim tosses the trapped coins into the way behind them, hoping to buy some time.

Inside, they find some old broken furniture and old papers. Two doors lead from the room, one to the north and one to the south. Jim runs for the southern door while the others push some furniture against the door. The room Jim finds has several windows, some old chairs and a table, but nothing elsse of note. He runs back to the other room and heads to the northern room. They all move on to the next room, which is much larger. It appears most of the furniture in this room was moved elsewhere; all that remains is an old wardrobe leaning against the room’s window. The team can see several goblins and hobgoblins rushing up the stairs from the courtyard, swords and morningstars in hand. Jim is disappointed to see that all seem to know they shouldn’t take his trapped treasure. The team sees two doors at the end of this room, both on the same wall. Kerwyn finds that the right door has a lock, but isn’t secured. The left door is open, and seems to lead only to a hallway.

The team moves into the right room, seeing stairs leading up a tower. This is the same tower where Epona saw the figure, so the team is cautious. Kerwyn spends a few seconds jamming the door’s lock, buying them more time. Epona, assuming the marksman is just up the tower, summons a giant celestial beetle (who had helped them back in Hillport) to clear out the area. It doesn’t see anything above, so Epona sends it to go after the chasing goblins. The team heads up the stairs to the tower’s top. They can see that the castle’s roofs are high enough in relation to the towers to step down on to them. They assume the marksman must have run across the roof to another tower. Jim, Arya, and Kerwyn run across to the north-eastern tower, while Gante and Epona (in their heavy armor) slowly make their way up the stairs. As they reach the top, they find that something has caught up with them. A dark-skinned elf eyes the two holy warriors and pulls out a fearsome looking crossbow.

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