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Session 26, part 1

Players: Gante (Jon), Epona (Elizabeth), Kerwyn (Will), Gwindaldorf (Tammy), Glod (Adam), Jim (other Adam), and Arya (Sashsa)

17th of Suncrest

After an hour of walking, the city of Remnas finally comes into view. Triumphantly, the adventurers walk up to the city walls. The guards on duty nod at them and yell to a guard on the other side to open the gate. While the gate opens, the guards on duty give a concerned look in the direction of Glod, but Gante assures him that the gnome is still alive, just badly wounded. With the gate open, they walk back in to the safety of the city walls. Glod slowly regains consciousness, and the others explain how they managed to escape. They find your way back to the civic building where they were given their quest. A man outside wearing armor spots them and hails them.

“You there! You’re the band of warriors who went to the old castle, correct?”

Gante nods. “Yes, that would be us.”

“Quickly, follow me! Lord Stravin will want to see you.”

He leads them through the twisted hallways, which, although they’ve been through them before, are still mazelike to them. Quickly passing by a more ornate room, the man hollers to the three men and women inside.

“Bring some healers to the planning room, as soon as you can.” The party breathes a collective sigh of relief.

They’re led to the familiar, austere planning room where they first met Lord Stravin. The man ushers them inside and leaves. Lord Stravin, carefully looking over a map, looks up at them. His eyes light up as they enter.

“You’re back! How did things go?” He asks his question with a hint of worry, spotting the wounds that they’ve sustained.

“Well, the marksman is either dead, or he fell asleep in the middle of the battle,” Gante jokes. “Yes, he’s dead.”

As Gante finishes the explanation, two men in priestly robes walk into the room. After a set of powerful words are spoken, the various wounds the team has sustained are healed: gashes mend themselves, and the crossbow punctures are undone.

“Excellent. We can begin the attack on the castle, then. That’s one less thing we need to worry about. As for your rewards… though our treasury is not exactly overflowing, I’m sure we can offer you something for your services. Your efforts may end up being the turning point in this war. We will do our best to find something that can repay your efforts.” Jim lights up. The idea of treasure is almost all that kept him moving through the castle.

“Not you, sorceror. You have paid for your crimes, so, as promised, you are released from your bondage, but that will be the extent of your payment.” Lord Stravin nods at one of the healing clerics, who waves his hand over Jim. The mark of justice that had been placed on him is dispelled.

The heroes each receive a reward. Arya gets a repeating crossbow: easy to load and allowing for quickly fired shots. Kerwyn receives a sap, an easily concealed club. Gwindaldorf, who on the way back decided to change her stage name to Niamah, asks only for a dagger. Gante requests a composite shortbow to take advantage of his strength. Glod and Epona ask for any sort of magical item they could get. Lord Stravin explains to them that Kendra has a tower specifically funded for the development and creation of magical items.

“It’s about a full day’s journey to the wizard’s tower. I suppose we can arrange for you to stay in town for the night.” Lord Stravin writes out a letter to the tower’s current proprietor and seals it.

“Excuse me…” A young woman appears in the doorway. “Lord Stravin?”

Lord Stravin waves her in. Her outfit is a strange collection of adventurer’s garb, giving her the appearance of one who was trying to prepare for a quest with only old stories to go by. She has several pouches and pockets, though nearly all are empty.

Lord Stravin hands the finished letter to Epona. “This young woman has been waiting for you since this morning. Seems she’s been looking for you for some time, now. I’ll leave you to your business, then. I have a siege to organize.” Lord Stravin leaves the room.

The woman introduces herself and explains her situation: “My name is Jen. You’re acquainted with my teacher, Marlak? Well, he sent me here regarding that stone you found…”

“Ah,” Gante says. “So he figured out what it does?”

“Well, no. You see, it turns out that the stone can’t seem to be identified by normal methods or spells. He’s gone off to the Mages’ Academy to seek help in identifying it, but also wanted the opinion of one of his old friends that lives up in the mountains. I’m to deliver this message to him, but he’s become a sort of hermit over the years, and there’s no real road that leads to his home.” Jen pulls out a map of Kendra and points out the northernmost mountain in the country. “When Marlak charged me with the task, he said I should look for you in Celes, and that you’d be able to help. Of course, by the time I had gotten there, you had left for Temerston, then for the Dwarven Hall, and then Remnas… but I’ve finally caught up.”

The team decides to accept the task. They check the map and see that the wizard’s tower is on the way to the mountains. The plan seems to be set in stone, but Gante presents another option.

“We could help out with the castle sieging…”

“Uh-uh, no way!” Gwindaldorf exclaims. “We barely got out alive last time; I’ve had it with that place.”

With their last day in Remnas, they sell their extraneous items in the market and buy a few others. Kerwyn stops by the potion shop to buy a healing potion. The eccentric hermit finds a potion for him and completes the transaction. Meanwhile, Jim makes terrible attempts at pickpocketing, appearing to be a fool more than a looter.

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