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Session 26, part 2

Players: Gante (Jon), Epona (Elizabeth), Kerwyn (Will), Gwindaldorf (Tammy), Glod (Adam), Jim (other Adam), and Arya (Sashsa)

18th of Suncrest

The group leaves early in the morning to make the trip to the wizard’s tower. Late in the afternoon, they see the building just on the edge of the North Woods. The building is not at all spectacular; only a few windows in the upper floors break the monotony of the brickwork. A wide wooden door stands at the base. Epona and Jim knock on the door, with the rest of the team just behind. They hear a child’s voice on the other side: “coming, coming.” A young boy of about twelve, dressed in robes a bit too large for him, opens the door.

“Hello,” Epona begins. “Who’s in charge here?”

“That’d be Milo. He runs the towe… Hey! Where do you think you’re going?”

Jim pushes past the boy and into the tower. “Upstairs,” he says bluntly. As he climbs the stairs that spiral around the tower’s outer walls, he can hear the boy calling for Milo, the tower’s owner. He continues past the second floor and up towards the third. From the next floor up, an older speaks: “I’m on my way, lad. What’s all the fuss about? Eh? Who the devil are you?”
“Well who are you?” Jim retorts.
“I live here!”
“Oh. Well, that solves that.”
“What are you doing here?!” the wizard yells, increasingly agitated.
“I’m here to claim my reward,” Jim says proudly.

Downstairs, the party stands shocked, some mouths agape. The boy turns to them. “Just a moment.” He hurries up the stairs. The boy explains the situation to Milo, who still doesn’t quite understand what’s going on.

“Get out of here!” Milo thunders.
“No, you get out of here.”
With exceptional speed, Milo draws symbols in the air with his fingers, accompanying it with an arcane statement. A spell shoots forth from Milo towards Jim. Jim blinks once, then twice. A sudden sense of terror overtakes him, and he runs down the stairs.

Just outside, the team has been listening with some interest. Though not exactly sure why Jim decided to tag along with them, they’re wishing he hadn’t. Jim comes running through the door, nearly knocking over half the team as he scurries to the back. Milo and his apprentice slowly make their way to the door.

“He’s not really part of our group…” one adventurer offers.
“Not really our responsibility, you see…” another adds.
Epona steps forward, holding the letter out: “We have a letter from Lord Stravin.”

Milo opens it. His eyes dart back and forth across the page. “Hmm, I see. So the war has already begun. I suppose this will be the first of many visits I’ll be receiving over the coming weeks… Well, I suppose you can come in, provided your associate remains outside.”

Gante had bought a set of manacles in Remnas, and now had good excuse to put them to use. At the closest tree, Jim is restrained. “Nothing against you as a person, of course.”

Milo takes the adventurers to a room on the first floor. It’s a bit cramped with the whole group inside, and only has three chairs in a corner. Digging around in a cabinet near the fireplace, Milo produces a small bag and a wand. He hands the wand to Glod.
“It’s a wand of Detect Magic,” he says. “Not exactly a powerful spell, but very useful for honing in on a spells origin or a magic item. And this,” he says, walking towards Epona, “is a bag of Feather Tokens. Once activated, a token will morph into any variety of items. I suppose I’ll let you discover what they do as you need them.”

Finally, Gante shows Milo the staff he found in the old castle. He points out the strange glyph on the end. Milo scrutinizes the markings.
“I’d say this belonged to one of this tower’s previous owners. Coron, that was his name. I can examine it and find out what it does, but it’ll take some time.” Gante decides to leave the staff with Milo and get it back when they return to Remnas.

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