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Session 27

Players: Gante (Jon), Epona (Elizabeth), Kerwyn (Will), Gwindaldorf (Tammy), Glod (Adam), and Arya (Sashsa)

18th of Suncrest

The team bids Milo farewell and gets back on the road towards the mountains. After a few more hours of traveling, it becomes to dark to continue, so they decide to set up camp for the night. Gante gathers firewood while Epona hunts for some game. Later in the night, she arrives with a few animals, enough for everyone to have some. After eating, they decide who will keep watch during the night. The night is uneventful.

19th of Suncrest

In the morning, the group sets out once again, following the road to the north. It takes a full day to finish the trip to Jerez. Along the way, they only pass one other group of travelers, a pair of merchants with a horse-driven cart. The team is actually quite content with the lack of excitement; the past few days had been filled with enough near-death experiences to last them a while. In the evening, they arrive at Jerez. The city is a port-town right next to the mountains, and is surprisingly large for its remote location [about the size of Celes]. Before the night is over, Gante checks out the market but doesn’t see anything of interest. The team finds the inn and settles in for the night.

20th of Suncrest

That morning, they being their journey into the mountains. They follow the road to the north, hugging the coast. The old path slowly gains height as a cliff forms on their left. Along the way, they catch sight of an old merchant cart down at the base of the cliff, being tossed about by the waves. A bit of gold is spotted down below, but the team doesn’t see any way to easily get it. Following the road farther, they find their first major obstacle: a broken bridge. Across a thirty foot gap, they can see where one end of a bridge was once attached. Now its remnants hang from the nearer side of the gap. Gante climbs a nearby peak to see if there’s a way around the chasm while the rest of team talks of possible ways across. Jen, looking around with a spyglass, points out some sort of structure on a distant peak. After much discussion, the team decides on their plan. First, they make a quick run back to Jerez to buy rope and twine. Quoth takes the twine and flies it across the gap. He circles around a tree and brings it back. The team now has a sort of pulley across the chasm. They tie one end of the rope to one end of the twine and pull it across, replacing the weaker pulley with a strong one. Next, they tie the rope to the old bridge and hold it up with their pulley system. Holding the bridge in place, Glod scurries across. Safely on the other side, he holds the bridge’s handholds up to their posts. The bridge is now in place, but the ropes are still severed. Finally, Epona casts Make Whole to reattach the ropes. The bridge is as good as new. The team cautiously crosses to the other end.

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