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Session 29

Players: Glod (Adam), Arya (Sashsa), and Kerwyn (Will)

20th of Suncrest

Appearing just north of Jerez, the team takes a moment to decide what they’ll do next. Having found Melrain (and his friend Ronald), they obtained an item to determine the properties of magical artifacts. They know that Marlak has the artifact, who was last seen going to find a ship to the Mages’ Academy. They decide to go after him.

Weighing their options, they decide that being teleported directly to another continent would be a bit too expensive for them. Catching a ride on a ship seems to be their best option, but is still fairly pricey. Kerwyn brings up the wreckage they had passed this morning: some sort of cart was at the bottom of the cliffs going toward the mountains, not far from where they are now. They look down the cliff, and discuss who has enough to rope to get someone to the bottom. Glod then breaks up the discussion by casting spider climb. He scampers down the rock wall to the waves below. He finds that the cart is more of a carriage. A soaked curtain covers an opening in the side. It takes some force to move, but Glod is able to get it out of the way. Once the cloth is moved out of the way, a wooden crate floats up from the interior. Inside, he finds a large pile of coins and some old bags. The bags are filled with spoiled food. Glod packs all the coins into a bag and carries it back up the cliff face. Back up on the trail, they count up the coins (while keeping an eye on Kerwyn). It’s enough to pay for half of their fare.

They get to town and find the shipyard. A few ships docked have cargo being loaded and unloaded. Even this late, it’s still very active. They ask around for information and find out when the next ship will be leaving in the direction of the Mages’ Academy. They find that one, the Ocean Star, leaves in two days for Mediterra, the continent holding the Mages’ Academy. They’re given a chance to speak with the captain about paying for passage on his ship. They’re taken to a small room towards the stern where they’re greeted by a slightly overweight fellow, well on in years. He has a thick gray beard and a hacking cough. He grins at them, showing a few gaps in his smile. “Welcome aboard the Ocean Star” he says. “So I hear ye’re wanting passage?”

“Yes, we need to go to Mediterra,” Kerwyn says.

“Aye, we’re sailin’ out to the continent two days from now. Of course, we’ll be needin’ to decide on a price here…”

Arya tries to lower the cost, but the captain stands at fifty gold pieces per person. They pay a little extra to have room and board for the two days before setting sail. They’re taken by a cabin boy to the bunks, just below the quarter deck. There are a few crew members already there, some asleep, some awake. The group claims the bunks near the stairs. They find sleeping difficult here since people keep coming in and out of the room, but they manage to weather the night.

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