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Session 30

Players: Kerwyn (Will), Arya (Sashsa), Niamah (Tammy)

22nd of Suncrest

The adventurers wake up in their cramped bunks, still getting used to the rocking motion of the ship after these past two days. On the decks above, they can hear a lot of activity. They haven’t left Jerez yet. The ship is still docked, but it looks like it won’t be for much longer. Sailors are busy everywhere tying or untying ropes and preparing the sails. The weather looks great for the voyage. The skies are clear and blue, and the wind is already blowing. Over on the quarterdeck, they see the captain shouting out orders. Eventually, the sails are raised and the ship slowly pulls out of the dock. Jerez sinks in to the distance, though they’re still a ways from open sea. They’re bound by Kendra on the south and Melaka on the north. It takes some five to six hours before they reach open waters. The group spends their time talking with the sailors, trying to learn what they can about the Mages’ Academy. They find that none of them have been far enough inland to see the Mages’ Academy, so they can’t give them much information. However, they do learn some more about Mediterra. The western end of the island is the developed area. The central and eastern parts are mostly unexplored. Finally, at dinner time, the team heads down to the mess deck to eat. They find the captain and ask to sit with him. He’s a fairly informal man, and is fine with it.

“Ah, the adventurers heading for the Mages’ Academy. Yes, have a seat.”

The team converses with the captain. Kerwyn asks: “Have you been sailing for most of you life?”

Niamah asks about the Mages’ Academy. The captain says he doesn’t know much about it.

“Not much, I’m afraid; (*hack-cough-cough*) all I know is that it’s where amateur wizards go to become great spellcasters.”

During the conversation, Kerwyn asks him about the weirdest thing he’d seen on the sea.

“Hahahacough- I suppose that’d be a toss-up between a living storm and a flying pirate ship…”

“Don’t let him go tellin’ ya them stories of his,” rings out a voice from a nearby sailor. “He’ll talk yer ears off ‘fore the night’s through!”

Niamah comments that they don’t have much else to do on board than listen to stories. “Either those happen very often?” Kerwyn asks.

“Ha, no. The sea is a fairly normal place, compared to what you might find on land. But when you’ve been sailing long as I’ve been, you’ll find some awfully strange things on the water.”

“Like what?” Niamah asks.

“Well, living storms and flying pirate ships, for instance. Haha! Cough cough…”

“Are there many pirates in general in these waters?” Kerwyn asks.

“Not ’round these parts. Pirating is too dangerous to be profitable against simple cargo ships like this one.”

Before the night is over, the captain introduces the team to Darren, the cabin boy. “Darren, these are the adventurers taking passage with us to Mediterra. Darren here’s been excited to meet some ‘real adventurers’ as he calls it. Personally, I’d say you’ll get just as much excitement on the sea, but… Well, I need to be retiring to my quarters. I’ll see all of you as the journey continues.” The captain makes his way back up the stairs, letting out another deep cough.

The team is also tired, so they promise to tell Darren some tales in the morning.

23rd of Suncrest

Niamah spends the first half of the day telling the cabin boy of their exploits through Kendra. He’s enthralled by their tales of adventure and heroism. That night at dinner, the team seeks out the captain to sit with his again.

“Ah, good evening. Good to see you again.”

The captain smiles at them with his somewhat toothless grin. The team is interested in hearing more of his tales, and asks him about the flying pirate ship. The captain begins spinning his tale to the team…

“Ah, that’s a good story… I was sailing north from here, not as a captain back then. Just a sailor. We were carrying a large shipment of magical supplies to the Northlands, a fortune to anyone interested in magic, but worthless to anyone else. It was dark that night, and we had already fended off another ship attacking us… The sea was choppy and rough, so we assumed we’d be safe that night from pirates. Thing is, anyone interested in a fortune of magical items would probably have access to some magic themselves… The lookout didn’t believe his eyes when he saw it, but eventually he called out that he saw a ship _over_ the horizon. A large ship was drifting towards us, not even in the water. It drifted right over us, silhouetted by the moonlight. It stood in the air, suspended like a feather, leaving the ship filled with a palpable fear… It was then we knew we had to do something, so…”

“Excuse me, sir?” A portly fellow with a thick beard interrupts.

“Yes, what is it?”

“We have… I need to speak with you in your quarters. It’s rather urgent.”

“Ah, well then. (cough cough)”

“You’ll need to excuse me. I’ll see you again tomorrow.”

The team wishes the captain well for the evening and heads back to the bunks.

24th of Suncrest

After a long, uneventful day with rain clouds on the horizon, the team looks forward to hearing more of the captain’s tale, but they’re surprised to find that he’s absent from his table tonight. They ask around, and learn that most haven’t seen the captain today, but they haven’t thought much of it. They find he’s kept in his quarters most of the day. The team is worried, but have little they can do about it. They head back to their bunks for the evening.

25th of Suncrest

The team wakes to the sound of rain on the deck above. They decide to say below deck for the day and stay dry. At dinner, their disappointed to find that the captain is absent once again. The bearded man who interrupted the story the other day confronts them over their meal. He says, in a somewhat hushed voice, “the captain wishes to meet with you in his quarters tonight.”

They head up to the waist of the ship, from there to the quarter deck, and finally to a door near the ship’s stern. They knock on the door. The bearded man from earlier answers. He beckons them in and closes the door behind them. This appears to be a navigation room. The tables have plenty of maps and scrolls, along with a few devices such as compasses and sextants.

“The captain specifically asked to see you. I’m not sure what he wishes to say, but I do know what it pertains to… But, I should leave that between you and the captain.” He knocks on the captain’s door. “Sir?”

The captain opens the door. “Thank you. You’re free to go, I’d like to speak with them alone.” The captain shows the group in to his quarters. He sits down at a table. An oil lamp on the table casts long shadows across the wooden walls and shelves. “Two nights ago, a ship was spotted several miles behind us, waving a black flag. You recall that I mentioned that piracy is not profitable for mere cargo?”

Kerwyn replies: “Something tells me you don’t have just mere cargo.”

“I know exactly what they’re after. In the lower hold, we have a magical sword of great value. By virtue of its power alone, it’s worth tens of thousands of gold pieces. However, it also holds meaning to its rightful owners, which serves only o complicate the situation…” The captain coughs loudly.

“And who might it’s rightful owners be?” Kerwyn asks.

“One of the kingdoms of Mediterra. The sword is sort of heirloom. Ancient, but still extremely powerful. Something of value doesn’t stay secure for long. The sword has a history of being stolen and re-stolen. Those who have owned the sword are always very protective of it. And those who have stolen it feel they’re the rightful owners of it. People have gone to great lengths to retrieve it for themselves, only to have it stolen again.”

“So now we have a bunch of pirates after us because you stole this sword. Where are you taking it?” Arya asks.

“Ha, me? Stole it? No no, you have me wrong. I’m merely the middle man, returning it to the owner. For a small fee…”

“I think the more important question is ‘are the pirates going to catch up with us?'” Kerwyn adds.

“Yes, without a doubt.”

“Does the crew know?” Kerwyn asks.

“Most are unaware. But they are skilled at more than sailing, I assure you. We have plenty of weapons ready.”

“What do you need us to do?” Kerwyn asks.

“Have you ever come across a group of monsters or other creatures guarding a powerful magical item? And have you ever noticed that most times, the monsters don’t think to use that item to defend themselves?”

“I like where this is going…” Kerwyn says. The captain laughs lightly.

“Darren tells me you’ve faced a lot and still stand. So I propose that one of you wield the sword in battle and put its powers to use. You’ve had far more experience than my men have in combat. It would be of the most use in one of your trained hands.”

“Yeah, that could be easily arranged, but what powers does this sword have?” Kerwyn asks.

“The sword seems to guide its way to a foe. It’s more accurate and more powerful than any non-magical sword.” The captain pulls a pair of keys from his pocket. “One will unlock the lower hold’s door, the other unlocks the chest with the sword. Wait until the crew is preparing for battle before retrieving it. I’d prefer that no one was suspicious that we were preparing for this.”

“When do you expect the pirates to reach us?” Kerwyn asks.

“It’s tough to say. They’ve kept their distance so far… they may be waiting for the best time to strike.”

“Well, I hope you lookouts give us plenty of warning. If that’s all captain, I think we’ll go finish our meal and retire for the night unless something changes.”

The team heads back to their bunks.

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