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Session 31, part 1

Players: Kerwyn (Will), Niamah (Tammy), Arya (Sashsa), Gante (Jon), Epona (Elizabeth), and introducing Heori (Matt)

25th of Suncrest

The team awakes again in their uncomfortable bunks. They first notice that things sound unusually quiet on deck. They only hear the sound of light rain. They gather their things and head up to the waist. All across the decks, the sailors are standing with weapons, each quite tense. Few of them speak, or even really take notice of the team. Niamah spots the captain on the poop deck.

“Morning.” he says, possibly leaving out “good” intentionally.

“Are the pirates closer today?” Kerwyn asks.

“Take a look.” The captain points off to the southwest. The other ship is less than a mile off. “The wind isn’t treating us well, either. I’d say they’ll catch us before the hour ends.”

Kerwyn remembers the sword the captain spoke to them about yesterday. “Do you think we should go get the sword now, or should we wait?”

“Now would be the time, I think. But please, be careful with it.”

Arya decides to stay with the captain while Kerwyn and Niamah head below. On their way down to the quarter deck, they pass a tall looking fellow holding an impressive sword. He heads up the stairs toward the captain, glancing at Kerwyn and Niamah as he passes. Niamah looks and the sword and thinks something may be amiss.

Introducing Matt’s new character. Matt and I actually decided to keep his character’s identity a secret. He would play through a separate chat window, and the party saw him as just another NPC. I’ll post more about what influenced the decision later.

“Hey you!” she shouts. “Is that… the sword?”

The man gives her a questioning look. “You mean the artifact?”

“I mean, where’d you get that…artifact?”

“This is my father’s sword,” the man replies.

“And just who is your father?” Kerwyn asks.

The man looks at his sword, then back at Kerwyn. “He was a soldier in the goblin wars of Kendra long ago.”

“Right, well, be careful with that thing.”

“This sword and I have been one for many years. I know it well.”

“Wait a second.” Arya notices this is the first time they’ve seen this man on board. “Where did you come from?”

“I was guarding the artifact below,” he answers.

“Then you wouldn’t mind showing us where the sword is below?” Kerwyn asks.

The man agrees and leads them below deck. They go past the officer’s quarters, through the upper hold, the dry storage, and then to the main hold.

Outside the lower hold, the man turns to Kerwyn and Niamah. “Do you think one of you will be able to handle the blade?”

“Let’s hope so,” Kerwyn answers. The man points at a door behind the stairs. An iron lock is near the handle.

“So…” Niamah starts. “Have you got a name?”

“I am merely Heori.”

“I like your name. Where are you from?” Niamah asks. Kerwyn, meanwhile, unlocks the door to the lower hold.


“So how old is that sword?”

“My father carried it against the goblins some 60 years ago, before that my grandfather. I do not know how old it truly is.”

Kerwyn emerges from the hold. In his hands rests a shimmering sword, decorated with gems. The blade comes to a fine point.

“Now this is a sword,” he says, giving it a swing.

“We should return to the deck,” Heori says. “We will all be needed.”

“Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me…” Gante’s tune filled the small room where he and Epona were behind bars.

“Be quiet, it stinks in here enough already without your singing,” Epona replied.

“Sorry, but if someone were not so clumsy as to trip over a barrel, we wouldn’t be in this predicament.”

“Well, your the one who can’t hit the broad side of a barn with that big sword of yours.”

“Let’s just hope that our friends see these guys coming; we’ll just rest up until the battle starts, then make our escape.”

They follow Heori back to the upper deck. Kerwyn walks up to the captain. “Any change in our current situation?”

“They’ve almost arrived. It’s time to move into position.” The captain gives the word to the bearded man that the team has seen so often, and he shouts to the sailors to get ready.

Kerwyn looks across the ship’s decks. “Where do you want us, captain?”

“I can’t be certain how the pirates plan to board, so perhaps the waist will be the best position.”

Heori raises his sword to his mouth and whispers something to it. He then walks down the stairs and stops at the ship’s waist.

Niamah finds Heori suspicious. “Hey! Kerwyn, did you see that? He just spoke to his sword…”

Kerwyn turns to the captain. “How long have you know Heori, captain?”

“He came aboard not long after you. Said he was heading to Mediterra as well. He’s kept to himself mostly, so I wouldn’t say I know him at all…”

Niamah looks across the ship at Heori. “He’s lying… he said that sword had no magical qualities, but I know magic when i see it.”

Kerwyn thinks about the situation. “Hmm, perhaps we should keep an eye on him.”

The team moves out on to the waist of the ship and readies their weapons. Near the side of the ship, Kerwyn and Heori hold their swords ready. Near the ship’s middle, Arya prepares her repeating crossbow while Niamah hold her bow. They all anxiously await the arrival of the ship. As it nears, the dread in the air increases. Finally, the ship drifts up to the Ocean Star. Not a soul is seen on board.

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