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Session 31, part 2

Players: Kerwyn (Will), Niamah (Tammy), Arya (Sashsa), Gante (Jon), Epona (Elizabeth), and Heori (Matt)

25th of Suncrest

Niamah cautiously lowers her bow. “Where… where is everyone?”

Kerwyn and Arya hear a noise from the opposite direction, like the sound of someone walking on a wooden floor, but see nothing but the open sea at their backs. Heori moves closer to the pirate ship to investigate.

“All right,” Kerwyn says. “I’m getting a little suspicious, because I’m sure I heard something.” He keeps his eyes peeled for anything unusual, then catches a glimpse of just that: “There’s someone climbing over the rail!”

Kerwyn rushes away from the pirates’ ship to the opposite side of the Ocean Star. He swings swiftly at the man. He attempts to parry the blow, but is completely overpowered by Kerwyn. The attack sends him tumbling to the waters below. Kerwyn, looking over the edge, sees something even more unusual: about five more men are crawling up the ship’s side without anything to grip. The men move up the side of the ship like spiders, climbing over the side with ease. They hold their weapons menacingly and attack the nearby sailors. Some are able to dodge the attacks, but two sailors fall.

Niamah puts away her bow and draws her longsword. As she prepares to rush to the aid of an outnumbered sailors, a loud high pitched sound comes from the pirate ship. It abruptly stops, leaving a ringing in everyone’s ears. No one (including the pirates) seems to know what caused the sound, but they don’t stop their fight to investigate. Heori dashes across the deck and swings his sword into a pirate. He falls to the deck. Niamah runs up to the forecastle deck to help the nearby sailors. She manages to wound one of the pirates, but he begins to swing his own sword in reply. Luckily, a crossbow bolt from Arya strikes the pirate, leaving him unable to fight. Kerwyn jumps in front of Niamah to face the other pirate at the ship’s bow. He swings the sword, but the pirate manages to narrowly dodge the blade. Across deck, Heori manages to defeat another pirate. Niamah finds his skill with a sword to be impressive, up to the point of being suspicious. Arya sends a magic missile towards the pirate remaining on the front of the ship while Kerwyn swings at him again. This hit lands, dropping another pirate. Heori runs towards the final pirate on board and swings his sword with incredible speed. The pirate is knocked over the side of the ship.

All the surviving sailors have their eyes fixed on the enemy ship, waiting to see if anything happens. The bearded man breaks that post-battle silence: “Sir, should we investigate?”

The captain wastes no time with his answer: “No. We set sail immediately. There will be time to mourn those who have been lost, but this is not it.” The team begins discussing how they could set fire to the ship before leaving to ensure no pirates remaining below deck could continue following them. The captain rejects the idea. “We aren’t staying around to do anything. We’re setting sail as quickly as possible.” Niamah begins to disagree, but the captain gives her a fierce look that silences her.

The captain, who has been portrayed as a pretty jovial fellow until no, takes on a very serious tone for the first time in front of the party. I think this was just one of those really good moments where everyone seemed to really catch the mood of everything. Or maybe I’m just being an overly-optimistic DM.

“Wait.” Heori steps toward the captain. “What about that high pitched sound from earlier? It may indicate prisoners on board…”

“He’s got a point,” Kerwyn says.

Heori tries to add to his argument: “At the very least the ship may have supplies we can use…”

“This is true…” Niamah says. “So, should we explore?”

Arya is unsure. “I don’t know about going on that ship.”

The captain looks at them sternly. “If you are so set on it, you may board, but do not take anything from that ship. There’s no telling what ill fortune it could bring.”

“Some of those pirates were climbing up the walls like spiders,” Arya reminds them.

“And how did they even get on our ship without us seeing?” Niamah adds.

Heori begins towards the ship. “Anyone that would care to join me may do so.”

Niamah’s suspicion of Heori is finally voiced: “Heori, I think you’ve some explaining to do. You know something. You are hiding something.”

“About what?”

Kerwyn stops the conversation before it escalates: “I think we should figure that out later. We should board the ship now before anything else happens.”

Niamah crosses her arms. Heori doesn’t take notice. “You don’t have to come, it was merely an offer, bard.”

Kerwyn looks at the rest of the party. “Shall we join him?”

Niamah turns her head from him. “Do what you want; I’m not going anywhere with him.”

“Surely you’re overreacting…”

“I don’t like being lied to.”

Kerwyn, aware he can’t change Niamah’s mind, hands the sword back to the captain. “We’ll return as soon as we can.”

Heori crosses the gap to the pirates’ ship. “Arya, are you going to join us or stay with Niamah?”

“I’m not going anywhere near that ship.”

“Well, your loss.”

They disappear down the stairs into the ship. Niamah shouts out as they disappear from view: “if you’re not back in 20 minutes we’re assuming you’re dead and leaving you!”

At this point, I split the chat windows so that the players who decided to stay up top wouldn’t know what was going on down below. This is one of the main reasons I like playing our sessions online, but it really got confusing. At this point I actually had four separate chat windows up.

They descend into a hallway, which appears empty. A few portholes in the sides of the ship let in light. The two make their way down the corridor. To the right is a door, and stairs down to the left. It sounds as though there’s some kind of battle going on downstairs.

Heori listens closely. “Prisoners, maybe, or pirate’s fighting amongst themselves. Be on guard.”

“Ok, I’ll go first, I know how to be sneaky when necessary.”

Kerwyn quietly makes his way down the stairs to find some shadows dancing across the floor, coming from a room on the right. He hears the sound of metal on metal and the sounds of a struggle. He begins to peer around the corner, but is surprised by a pirate’s body falling through the doorway. He jerks back instinctively, then cautiously leans in again. He sees two figures in armor, each holding a sword. He doesn’t quite believe it at first, but it’s Gante and Epona.

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