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Session 31, part 3

Players: Kerwyn (Will), Niamah (Tammy), Arya (Sashsa), Gante (Jon), Epona (Elizabeth), and Heori (Matt)

25th of Suncrest

“Um, wha… how did you get here?”

Gante, putting away his sword, explains the situation. “We stowed away after we heard they were after your ship, but they caught us and locked us up here. We just broke out and got found out.”

“Do you know if there are any more pirates on board?” Kerwyn asks as Heori moves down to see what’s going on.

“We’ve been in here since we heard the battle start, so we don’t know for sure. We saw around forty before we got caught.”

“Hmm, we only saw about half a dozen pirates on our ship, so we had better be careful. Oh, Heori, these are friends of mine, Gante and Epona.”

“Heori, interesting name…”

“Yeah, and you should see what he does with that sword of his.”

“Prisoners?” Heori asks.

“Not anymore. We were just coming to help you all out, but it takes a while to get this armor on.”

“Well,” Kerwyn says, “if your ready, we should probably check out the rest of the ship quickly, our captain is ready to get out of here.”

“Yes, the bard might try to convince the captain to leave us… or at least me.”

“By the way, what was that loud noise from over here?” Kerwyn asks.

“Well, Epona only had one spell that could break the bars, but it’s pretty noisy…”

“Why were they holding you?” Heori asks.

“We were stowing on board to stop them when we heard they were going after your ship. They caught us though because Epona tripped over a barrel.”

“But then he couldn’t hit anything with that sword of his…” Epona adds.

“I see. That was a bold move that could have cost you your lives.”

They head back to the upper deck.

Jon was online just before we started our session. His character was still on Kendra, so we came up with a way he could be brought back to the party. We decided that (for some reason) he planned on staying in Kendra, but found out that their ship was going to be the target for a pretty big attack. They had gotten on the ship hoping to stop the pirates (how, they didn’t know), but were found out.

Niamah and Arya stand watching the ship. “Arya, you think they’ll be okay?”

“I don’t know… I just hope they don’t bring anything dangerous back from the spider pirate ship.”

“I hope they don’t come back all possessed. Or bloody. You know i hate blood…”

“You know, I hope they do come back possessed or something.”

Niamah looks at Arya with a bit of confusion.

“It’ll serve them right for going on that ship. And Kerwyn going off with that Heori guy…”

“Well, I did warn him that he’s lying about something, but no one listens to the bard…”

Niamah looks back at the ship. “He’d better hurry up. And he’d better not bring anything back except an apology.”

One of the sailors on deck shouts out: “There they are!”

Kerwyn and Heori stand on the deck of the pirate ship, Kerwyn with a mischievous air about him. “Hey guys! Wow, it was incredible over there… We meet the worst, most horrible thing imaginable…”

Niamah gets a bit fearful. “What?”

“…And we decided to bring it along.”


“Hey come on out!” Kerwyn shouts.

Gante walks out onto the deck. “Surprise!”

Niamah’s jaw drops. “Wha- I- Hi! What have you been up to?” she asks casually.

“Oh, just stowing on board a pirate ship to save your sorry hides, then getting caught and breaking out when the battle began.”

“So what happened over there?” Niamah asks Kerwyn.

“Not much, just found these guys finishing off some guards.”

The captain, who had been being briefed on the situation by Heori, walks over to the reunited party.

Gante begins to explain things. “Sorry captain, we just came to help you all with the pirates. We heard they were after you and stowed aboard to stop them…”

“So I’ve been told. Well, it is my policy to give passage to prisoners to the next destination, so you’re welcome on board until we arrive in Mediterra.”

“We appreciate your hospitality, captain.”

“Until then, we need to sail far from here.”

While the captain walks off, Epona pulls out a small bag. Niamah doesn’t recognize it. “What’s that?” she asks.

“We’re about to find out,” she replies. She pulls out a feather, which slowly drifts towards the pirate ship. Finally, the feather decides to land, neatly on the deck. Gante stares at Epona, who keeps her eyes locked on the feather. A great oak tree suddenly springs up from the deck. The tree, with lack of proper support, begins to sway. “Not what I was hoping for, but it may do the job.”

Heori admires the tree. “Impressive skill, cleric.”

The pirates’ ship’s deck creaks. “Well, once it crashes through the deck, are pirate ship problems will be taken care of.”

The tree begins swaying in the opposite direction, only to begin towards the ship with greater speed. “And… how long will it take to fall through?”

It begins falling away from the ship, but once again sways back towards the Ocean Star.

Heori is visibly worried, as is most of the crew. “Quick, cleric, can you conjure a gust of wind to get us away from this?”

“Only with another feather token, but if it’s the wrong one…”

Finally, accompanied by the sound of splintering, the tree begins falling through the deck. It’s massive branches slow its descent, and eventually halt it mid-fall. The top half of an oak now protrudes from the pirates’ ship. Heori sighs with relief.

Epona laughs nervously. “That’ll teach those pirates…”

You know, I may not be able to write the best adventures or come up with the best dialogue, but I can do math, and I can do it well. While the party spent a bit of time admiring Epona’s destroy-the-enemy-ship plan, I was looking up the density of oak and doing several unit conversions to determine if the tree would just stay on the ship deck, or immediately crash through. It was a close call, so I decided it would sit for a second before finally crashing through. This lead to the bit of “oh no, what do we do now” above.

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