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Session 32

Players: Kerwyn (Will), Niamah (Tammy), Arya (Sashsa), Jim (other Adam), and Heori (Matt)

25th of Suncrest

Standing on the deck of the Ocean Star, the group is still cautious of the enemy ship, even if it appears uninhabited. As much as they’d like to sail on, they find that the wind has stopped blowing. Heori suggests they prepare for another attack; the others try to think of a way to move the ship without the wind. Luckily, nothing like that is needed: a slight breeze begins to pick up. It picks up before long, and the flag begins waving in the gale. The ship begins to move, while the pirate ship stays behind.

Kerwyn comments “well, let’s hope that we don’t meet anymore pirates between here and port.”

“Agreed” says Heori.

Kerwyn moves towards one of the fallen pirates lying face down on the deck. He looks around (though he doesn’t really care if anyone’s watching), and begins searching for valuables. He notices that the man seems ill-prepared for battle. His weapon is in disrepair, and he’s not wearing any armor.

“Strange…” Kerwyn says. He looks up at Heori, nearby. “Have you ever known of someone to willingly move into battle unprepared?”

“It does seem odd.”

The rest of the team comes over towards Kerwyn to see what’s going on. Kerwyn flips the body over.

“That’s…” Gante pauses. “Jim?”

The team is more than a bit confused. The last they had seen Jim was at the Wizard’s Tower near Remnas.

“You knew this man?” asks Heori.

“Well,” Niamah begins, “sort of.”

Kerwyn continues: “he helped us out once or twice, but was a bit of a trouble maker.” Kerwyn looks back at Jim. “Looks like he got all the trouble he was looking for. But I wonder how he happened to get here?”

“Where was the last place you saw him?” Heori asks.

“Didn’t we leave him tied to a tree? Near the Wizard’s Tower?” Niamah says.

“Anyways, I wonder if he had anything useful on him…”

“Kerwyn!” Epona shouts.

“What? It’s not like he’s going to be missing it…”

“Come on, guys. I know he was troublesome, but we wouldn’t have gotten into the old castle without him…” says Epona.

“True,” Kerwyn says, “but I don’t see why we can’t take anything he has on him.”

“Well, then check him and throw him overboard,” Arya says.

Epona speaks up again. “Maybe… maybe I can still save him…”

“Really, you don’t need to bother. I mean, he was nothing but trouble for us…”

Epona holds out her hands and casts one of her healing spells that the team is quite familiar with. “Come on…”

Nothing happens. Heori breaks the silence. “You are a cleric, correct? I was under the impression cleric’s could raise the dead.

“That type of power is far beyond me… but I just thought…” Epona pauses. “If his soul was still there, he could be healed, but it seems he’s moved on…”

“The dead should remain dead,” says Heori.

They all become silent again. Over the sound of the sea’s waves, they hear a faint moan.

“You don’t think…” Kerwyn takes a step back from the body. “Epona, you want to take a look at him?”

Heori pulls out his sword. “You had better make sure that thing has a soul, or I’ll take its head.”

Epona moves forward and kneels by the body. “…He’s breathing. Gante, help me out here. We’re taking him down to the bunks.”

“Just one second,” says Kerwyn. “What about that soul of his?”

“Yeah,” Niamah says. “Is he really still Jim?”

“The undead don’t breathe,” she says as they carry Jim to the bunks.

The team informs the captain that they may have saved one more from the pirates but, they shy away from the details. They head downstairs about an hour later to check on Gante, Epona, and Jim. Jim is sitting in the bed, not looking entirely healthy (though he never had a healthy look to him before).

“Can he talk?”

“That, I should…. be able to do… Though you’ll have to excuse…. any fatigue…”

Kerwyn steps forward. “Well, I think you have some explaining to do. Last we saw, you were tied up to a tree…”

“Sorry about that, by the way,” interjects Niamah.

Jim laughs weakly. “It’s fine. Those sort of things happen to me quite often.”

“I can imagine.”

“Luckily though, I have a couple tricks up my sleeve to get out of such situations.”

Kerwyn continues. “Well, how did you wind up with a bunch of pirates?”

“Well I tried to follow you for a while, see. I followed you to the coast and got into… an altercation with a shady character.”

“Sounds about right for you,” comments Niamah. “I guess you tried to set him ablaze?”

“Of course. Unfortunately, he was not very fond of that and called in a few more of his friends. I was captured, and… well… I guess that’s really the last thing that I properly remember.”

“Wait, so then you woke up here?” Kerwyn asks.

“Well yes. The next thing I knew, someone was dosing out a heavy dose of that white magic.”

“That’s… strange. I’m still a little confused about how you wound up nearly dead on our ship.”

“It generally takes something quite a bit more than a little roughing up to take me out like that.”

“Yeah? I seem to remember a little fall that nearly killed you…”

“Hurt, yes. But to actually put me out of commission, it takes something quite a bit more powerful.”

“Yeah, sure, whatever you want to think.”

Niamah speaks up. “Wait… are you immortal then?”

“Well… ‘immortal’ is a fairly strong word. I wouldn’t use it at all. Merely… resilient.”

“But back to the matter of how you got here, you don’t remember anything?”

“Not in the least. I go from being dragged to a ship, to waking up on a different one…and being stabbed.”

The team’s curiosity is satisfied as far as Jim is concerned, but Niamah has more questions for Heori. She finds him on deck. “So what are you doing on this ship?”

“Passing over the sea,” Heori replies, simply.

“Okay, where are you going?”

Heori begins to answer, but Niamah begins firing off more questions. “And why are you so powerful? And what of your sword?”

Heori takes a moment to take in all the questions, then begins answering. “I am going to Mediterra… to search for information. The sword was my father’s. And I am just a swordsman, I am no more powerful than any other that would train with a blade.”

“What kind of information are you looking for?”

“That is my own business.”

“Is it common for swordsmen to whisper to their swords, and then proceed to cut down armed pirates with one blow?”

“I only whispered a prayer through my sword… It was something my father taught me.”

Niamah is satisfied with the answers for now, but is still untrusting.

That night, they see Heori at dinner for the first time. “Hey Heori, I thought you were guarding the sword?”

“I thought that tonight would be a day worth celebrating.”

26th of Suncrest

The rainclouds have moved out, and it’s nothing but clear skies today. The team enjoys the day, and sees Heori on deck much more. That night over dinner, they discuss more of what they all plan to do in Mediterra. Jim walks in as the conversation begins. He sits with the rest, eating off their plates.

“You could just get your own plate you know…”

“Yeah, I could, couldn’t I,” Jim responds, grabbing a potato from Kerwyn’s plate.

“So where in Mediterra is your party going Kerwyn?”

“Well, we have plans to go to the Mages’ Academy to meet a friend there. Why?”

“Merely out of curiosity; the Mage Academy is one of the places I was heading in order to gather information.” Jim grabs a piece of meat from Heori’s plate as he speaks.

“You don’t say. What other places were you planing to visit?”

“The Mages of Mediterra also have a well-organized guild. I believe if I don’t find what I seek at the Academy, that will be my next destination.”

“Well, none of us know Mediterra very well, but we’ve heard some of the inner lands can be dangerous. Perhaps you’d like to travel with us instead of going alone?”

“That would benefit us both, I believe.”

“Have you ever been to Mediterra before?”

“No, I have not.”

“Pity, looks like none of us will know much about the land. Well, regardless, if it’s okay with everyone, when we land, we will all set out for the Mage’s Acadamy. Including Heori.”

The team agrees.

“I thank you.”

“Yes, well, perhaps you could tell us a little more about what you are trying to find out, since we will be traveling together.”

“Fair enough. I’m searching for a necromancer that has been rumored to have left Kendra.”

Jim coughs on a bit of bread. “Wait…” he clears his throat. “Necromancer? Who?”

“I do not know his name, only that he came through Karkin.”

“And what, if I might ask, kind of business would you have with one who removes the dead from their peace?”

“He… took something from me. I intend to make him pay me back.”

Jim quickly drops his usual lighthearted attitude and gets serious. “There generally isn’t an easy way with a necromancer. They’re power hungry fiends.”

“Yeah, you wouldn’t know much about that would you Jim?” Kerwyn asks.

“I know enough to not want to be anywhere near someone who would wish to delve into that particular form of magic. It hardly ever ends… well.”

“Heori, if you don’t mind telling us, what did this necromancer take from you?” Niamah asks.

“Its personal…”

“Very well. And I guess you plan to ask around the Mages’ Academy for anyone who knows who this necromancer might be?”

“That, and his location, if they know it.”

“Well, if I may suggest someone to start with, it would be Marlak, the wizard we are going to see. He’s from Karkin also.”

Jim speaks again. “I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into swordsman.” He gets up and leaves.

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